About Dryly

About Dryly

Dryly is a young, innovative company that aims to help children who suffer from bedwetting maintain or restore their self-confidence and happiness. Our team consists of Jeroen Adriaans, Sietse Ijlstra, Mike Metz and Clarien Ijlstra, each of whom uses his/ her unique knowledge and skills to develop products to help children and their parents with bed-wetting problems.


We are always happy to help! Want to know more about Dryly? On this page you can read all about what drove us to found Dryly.

Bedwetting is a big problem for children and their parents. It is simply very unpleasant to wake up wet in the morning. Research shows that bedwetting affects children negatively. They don’t dare to go for sleepovers and are ashamed of their behavior. Parents often feel like they’re failing or that their child is a bit lazy. However, a child cannot simply choose to stop wetting the bed. This makes the situation frustrating for both children and parents.

Bedwetting alarm

The range of solutions against bedwetting is limited. The ones that are available have a clinical feel to them or are simply very boring. In addition, current bedwetting alarm methods do not provide good insight into the bedwetting behaviour of your child. Our bedwetting alarm has been developed to be both effective and fun. Our app also helps to communicate effectively with your doctor

. At Dryly, we do our utmost to help children solve their bedwetting problem. Our interactive panda Wizzu is a real friend to your child. Wizzu also plays a major role in supporting your child through our mobile app.

We have changed the proven bedwetting alarm method to be more fun, positive and interactive!

Dryly Dry Nights, Great adventures

Who is Dryly for?

Dryly is for children who have bedwetting problems, but also for children who want to get toilet trained. Children who want to get rid of diapers. Dryly aims to help parents and children with incontinence problems. Most of those children are between 3 and 16. We have developed fun, colourful briefs for the younger children and we offer plain underwear without logo or details for the older children. For the younger children, we’ve hidden the alarm in our cute panda “Wizzu”, who’s supposed to become your child’s friend. Wizzu can also come along for sleep parties!

The Dryly app is to be used by both children and parents together. Older children can install and use the app by themselves. The app can be installed on all phones.

The Dryly range

The Dryly briefs were specially designed for us and have been tested by 100 children. The children who participated in the test selected the designs they liked best. These designs make up our final underwear range, which has a fun and positive look. We offer two models; one for girls and one for boys. However, we understand better than anyone that every child wears what he/ she likes.

We also created a more subtle collection without wild prints or logos. Shame is a common feeling among children who suffer from bedwetting, so we can imagine that your child might prefer to wear “normal” briefs.