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Bedwetting alarm pants

Bedwetting is a common problem in children up to the age of 14. Thankfully, Dryly has a great solution to this and it includes these fun and comfortable bedwetting alarm pants. Check out our bedwetting alarm underwear here .

Why the Dryly®️ bedwetting alarm?

93% are dry within 6-8 weeks
Motivating the gaming element for your child
Comfortable underwear with fun prints
Insight into bedwetting behaviour in the bedwetting app

The most fun bedwetting alarm pants

Bedwetting is more common than you think. Bedwetting occurs in all types of children in society. Children who are already confident can have accidents just as easily as children who are more reserved.

This is also a recurring topic when we talk to parents and children who use our bedwetting alarm and the accompanying bedwetting alarm pants. After careful research, we have concluded to develop two types of sensor pants, namely; exuberant and discreet.

We have developed two different collections. A collection for situations where children feel at ease and can enjoy exuberant colours and cool illustrations of Wizzu the Panda Bear! The other collection is more discreet and consists of solid colours that are a little less conspicuous.

Dryly bedwetting alarm pants with Wizzu print

In this bedwetting alarm underwear your child will feel like the king of the realm! It is almost a party to put on our bedwetting alarm pants again before going to bed that feature the protagonist of the adventure. Along with Wizzu, your child is ready to try and stay dry tonight!

Dryly bedwetting alarm underwear without print

Our bedwetting alarm underwear without print has been developed for children who prefer to not stand out in certain situations. No matter how much fun we make it, children do not always make it easy for each other with their direct questions and comments.

We often hear that children still like to put on the sensor underwear without print when a friend comes to sleep over, and that is quite understandable!

Great fit

There is nothing more unpleasant than underwear that does not fit well or that itches. We have held countless fitting sessions with children of all shapes and sizes to find the ideal fit. We have the placed important information on the inside of the sensor underwear, so that your child does not have to suffer from such a itchy label.

Soft and breathable organic cotton

Together we make the world greener! We only use GOTS certified organic cotton. In addition to it having less impact on the environment, it is also extra soft on the skin.