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Wizzu (panda soft toy)
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Dryly® Bedwetting Alarm Superhero Girls (Incl. 4 pants)

This bedwetting alarm pack consists of a receiver, a transmitter, Wizzu (panda stuffed toy), the Dryly® charger, a mattress protector, two boxershorts and the Dryly® app (mobile application).


Pakket: Superhero
Gender: Girl

Why the Dryly®️ bedwetting alarm?

93% are dry within 6-8 weeks
Motivating the gaming element for your child
Comfortable underwear with fun prints
Insight into bedwetting behaviour in the bedwetting app

Dryly Bedwetting Alarm pack Superhero for girls

You order the Dryly Bedwetting Alarm pack Superhero for girls, we’ll make sure it’s a party! With this set you’re ready to start dealing with bedwetting with your child in a positive way.

The package includes Wizzu, an adorable panda full of innovative gadgets who’s every child’s friend. You will also receive two hipsters with sensor wires that detect moisture. One pair of hipsters is more colourful while the other is more discrete. To this underwear the Dryly Transmitter can be attached, which sends a signal to Wizzu in case of a night-time accident. Wizzu uses sound to wake your child up and immediately sends an alert to the parents’ mobile app via the Wi-Fi network.

The Dryly Bedwetting Alarm pack Superhero contains:

A fun way to tackle bedwetting with the Dryly Bedwetting Alarm pack Superhero

We believe that bedwetting children should not be burdened with clinical-looking products that only evoke further stress.
Be honest, looking at this cute underwear, would you have guessed that it is part of an innovative product to fight bedwetting?

A transmitter attached to the underwear connects to small threads woven into the fabric of the underwear. The transmitter receives a signal when the shorts become wet, which will be forwarded to Wizzu the panda who is connected to the Wi-Fi network. Wizzu wakes the child up and immediately alerts the parents.

How does Dryly® work?

Dryly® is based on the scientifically proven bedwetting alarm method. Research shows that a bedwetting alarm is the most effective method to prevent bedwetting. No less than 85 percent of the children become dry within three months.

To achieve this, it is important to motivate the child in a positive way and that parents offer their support. For the method to succeed, it is essential that you as a parent/ caretaker wake the child up at night when the alarm goes off. Our mobile app helps you to wake up. In the same app you will also find some useful statistics and an automatically updated bedwetting diary.

Approved according to the strictest CE standards

Image result for ce keurmerkWe are parents ourselves and naturally, we want the best for our children. That is why all Dryly products have been fully CE tested to meet the strictest safety standards.

The Dryly Transmitter uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology. This signal is very weak compared to the Wi-Fi or the telephone network. This saves battery life and is very safe to use.

Going on a sleepover with confidence with the Dryly Bedwetting Alarm pack Superhero

Even if Wizzu is not connected to the Wi-Fi network, our bedwetting alarm system works great. When Wizzu is not connected to the internet, he will only wake up the child. A good start!

Also suitable for (young) adults

We are good friends with Wizzu, but we understand there are times when his presence is not or no longer needed. The Dryly Receiver can be taken out of Wizzu and because of its sleek design it looks perfectly fine standing on the bedside table. All functionalities remain the same and no worries, Wizzu will understand!

Innovation and scientific proof

Image result for tnoThe effectiveness of the bedwetting alarm method has been proven many times all over the world. Extensive research regarding bedwetting and the bedwetting alarm method has also been carried out in the Netherlands by the independent research organisation TNO.

Studies show that the bedwetting alarm method has a direct positive effect in 85% of users.

Download the Dryly® app

The mobile app is available in the App Store and the Google Play Store. Click on the buttons below to download the Dryly® app.

Dryly - Apple - Download in app store Dryly - Google - Download in play store

Weight 2000 g
Dimensions 28,5 × 38,5 × 21 cm

14 reviews for Dryly® Bedwetting Alarm Superhero Girls (Incl. 4 pants)

  1. Simone

    Veel gelezen over de plaswekker en over Dryly en uiteindelijk toch maar de keuze gemaakt ondanks de investering van ruim 200 euro. Heel blij dat we deze stap hebben gezet! We zijn eindelijk af van de gebroken nachten en mijn dochter is super trots

  2. Caroline


    Finally a positive approach to a “problem”. After many attempts with different products etc I came across Dryly. This positive approach works great with my daughter, she is enthusiastic and has been dry for 2 weeks now!

  3. Kim


    Great product! Fast results and therefore a happy and proud daughter!

  4. Larissa


    I came into contact with Dryly through a Facebook advertisement. Our daughter, almost 6 years old, had recently indicated that she really wanted to sleep without a night diaper, but unfortunately she was unable to stay dry. We ordered Dryly because it really appealed to us, it motivated my daughter already when she saw the commercial! Panda teddy bear Wizzu was a big hit and we also really like the pants. The alarm sound that goes off is not nice to hear. It makes sense that it must be a clear sound, but our autistic eldest daughter, who I also wanted to try to potty train with these pants, is very afraid of it, so I don’t think that will work unfortunately. Because there was a production error in the receiver, we received a new one, together with an extra Wizzu bear for our youngest daughter. Both ladies are very happy with it!!! The personal service is great, you notice that it is a young company where customer friendliness is very important! Unfortunately, we were never able to connect the app to the WiFi. This is probably due to the fact that we have Android, but that is not entirely certain. But even without the app, this system does what it was made for. After a messy start with a holiday and moving house in between, I can proudly say that our daughter has been completely dry for 2 weeks from going to sleep (7.30 pm) until waking up (7 am). I recommend Dryly to everyone!

  5. Jil


    Works great can recommend to anyone

  6. Leti


    Nice system Delivered quickly, clear system, motivating and good contact with customer service. The only point for improvement is that I should state more clearly that no charger is supplied with the transmitter and receiver.

  7. Barbara


    The pee bear as my daughter calls him… The pee bear as my daughter calls him helps her a lot to become night potty trained. It is a fun and cheerful concept and it simulates, among other things, earning points. In addition, I also notice that she is more concerned than before not to pee in bed. The Dryly team is great!! They helped me a lot with the installation. In addition, they answer questions very quickly and quickly come up with a solution that also works! In short, a very good product and team!!

  8. Vibeke


    What a great purchase this What a great purchase this. Our daughter (8 years) absolutely adores the panda and wears the pants with great pleasure. After 5 nights that the alarm went off, she has now been dry for 4 nights in a row. The customer service is also top notch. They are easily accessible, friendly and the customer comes first. In short, we are very happy that we have taken this step and we certainly recommend dryly.

  9. Esther


    Good choice to start using this bedwetting alarm from dryly. My daughter immediately booked s6 and we are now 3 weeks on the road and have been dry for a whole week. So happy !!!! thanks dryly

  10. Esther


    Great child-friendly system to solve bedwetting together. Easy to use app, great customer service. Highly recommended!

  11. Lara


    Belle attention personnelle par l’équipe. Une appli sympa, de beaux sous-vêtements, un ours adorable, et le plus important : des résultats rapides ! Déjà après une semaine, les nuits sèches sont arrivées !

  12. Lynne


    Very nice personal service!! Unfortunately I can’t say anything about the quality of the product. The purchase was enough for our child to “suddenly”, without further assistance, be dry at night…

  13. Jan


    Great product! Easy to use and works well.

  14. Liesbeth


    Very happy with the Dryly bedwetting alarm! We are very satisfied with the Dryly bedwetting alarm. Our daughter had frequent accidents at night and we hoped that the Dryly bedwetting alarm could help her somewhat. The Dryly bedwetting alarm woke her up and continued to pee herself in the toilet. After this one accident she has been dry every night for several weeks! That is much more than we ever dared to expect from the bedwetting alarm. Our daughter loves the bear Wizzu and she enjoys following the schedule in the app and checking the boxes every night. In short, we definitely recommend Dryly!

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3 - 4 jaar98 - 1043A - 4A98 - 104450 - 5722
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Does your insurer reimburse the bedwetting alarm?

Did you know that more than 93% of Dryly®️ bedwetting alarm users are potty-trained within 6-8 weeks?

Size chart:

LeeftijdEUFR / AnsUKUSATaille (cm)1/2 Waist
3 - 4 jaar98 - 1043A - 4A98 - 104450 - 5722
5 - 6 jaar110 - 1165A - 6A110 - 116650 - 6023
7 - 8 jaar122 - 1287A - 8A122 - 128S57 - 6324
9 - 10 jaar134 - 1409A - 10A134 - 140M62 - 6826
11 - 12 jaar146 - 15211A - 12A146 - 152L65 - 7227
13 - 14 jaar158 - 16413A - 14A158 - 164XL70 - 7529

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