Bedwetting alarm underwear

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The bedwetting underwear are an important part of the bedwetting alarm method. The bedwetting alarm method was inadvertently invented in the 1930’s when a pediatrician developed a method to find out if a child had wet in bed. By setting off an alarm when the child had peed, the nursing staff knew that the bed had to be changed. Gradually they discovered that these children were also more easily potty-trained.

Bedwetting underwear are becoming increasingly popular

Nowadays almost all bedwetting alarms use bedwetting underwear. The bedwetting underwear ensures that the moisture is detected at an early stage. Special stainless steel threads are used in the textile of the bedwetting underwear. These threads come together at the snaps. If the resistance in the thread is changed by moisture, the alarm goes off.

The alarm causes a child to be startled and stop peeing. If the alarm has gone off it’s important that your child finishes peeing and puts on a new bedwetting alarm underwear. Snap the transmitter onto the clean bedwetting alarm underwear and your child can go back to sleep.

the design of the Dryly® bedwetting underwear

The Dryly bedwetting underwear is designed to be really comfortable. The fabric of the Dryly bedwetting underwear is made of 95% organic cotton and there is 5% elastane in it so that the underwear is comfortable to wear.

It is recommended that you buy at least four bedwetting underwear so you can easily change these underwear at night without stress about whether you have any clean underwear available. You can also wash the underwear during the day, but if your child has more than one accident you need at least three bedwetting underwear.


You can wash the Dryly bedwetting underwear 60 degrees °C (140 °F)  and these can be tumble dried. The dryer is never very good for fabric, but it is okay.

We hope you enjoy the Dryly® bedwetting underwear. If you have any questions about potty training, you can always email us at or call our customer service at 085 130 34 35.