Bedwetting alarm health insurance

The bedwetting alarm against bedwetting is not reimbursed from basic insurance so choose a suitable health insurance policy for a bedwetting alarm. Most insurers do reimburse bedwetting alarms from supplemental packages. In addition, there are health insurance companies that have contracts with suppliers of bedwetting alarms. Carefully check the policy conditions for your health insurance, because sometimes there are additional conditions such as the age your child must be, or for example the maximum number of pants that will be reimbursed. You can usually find the bedwetting alarm under the section ‘tools’.

Bedwetting alarm from the supplementary insurance

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Additional health insurance requirements for a bedwetting alarm

The vast majority of insurers have included health insurance for a bedwetting alarm in their supplementary packages, especially with the comprehensive packages you can assume it will be reimbursed. The way health insurance for a bedwetting alarm is reimbursed by the health insurance company does vary a great deal. You should therefore read your health insurer’s policy conditions carefully before taking out insurance. You can usually find the bedwetting alarm under the section ‘aids’.

Insurers also often impose additional conditions to qualify for reimbursement. Therefore, be sure to read fine print on your health insurance for a bedwetting alarm:

  • Age; most health insurance companies have a minimum age of 6.
  • The bedwetting alarm may be purchased once during the term of your insurance.
  • Some insurers want a referral letter from the family doctor or specialist.
  • The amount of reimbursement may vary.
  • The composition of a starter pack; some insurers state, for example, that you can order a maximum of three shorts.

Dryly bedwetting alarm

It is important to consider that health insurance companies have different regulations regarding health insurance for a bedwetting alarm. Some packages or some pants require you to pay an additional amount yourself. With Dryly, this is also the case that some insurers only reimburse three pairs of pants, while other health insurers give you a budget within which you may purchase a package.

On Dryly’s website you can indicate which (supplementary) insurance you are covered by and then the website will tell you, for which reimbursement you are eligible. In any case, it is always good to call the insurer yourself beforehand because we have no understanding of your personal situation.

On you can find:

  • The supplementary insurances with a reimbursement for a bedwetting alarm
  • Any conditions set by the health insurance company

Dryly does not have contracts with health insurance companies that reimburse bedwetting alarms because we believe everyone should have the freedom to choose the best bedwetting alarm.

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