The story behind Dryly

In this blog we would like to tell you more about the story behind Dryly, curious how this concept got started? Read on! It’s seven in the morning when I hear the shower running upstairs. Every morning I would feel a pit in my stomach. Where you would normally be proud as a parent that your child is so independent that gets into the shower and dresses himself, unfortunately for us it was the sign that my son has wet the bed. He finds it so aggravating to wake up in the morning in a wet bed that he dives into the shower as quickly as possible.

Understanding bedwetting behaviour

Wet bed

The story behind Dryly begins with bedwetting during the night, bedwetting is such an embarrassing occurrence; there’s really nothing your child can do about it. We had already tried everything; even Minrin, the medication against it. Nothing worked except the bedwetting alarm.

The bedwetting alarm caused our son to from being wet every night to wet once a week. For a long time I thought my son wet the bed because he was too lazy to get up in the morning. That he was fine with having such a wet bed. It’s awful that I thought about it like that. I was able to let go of this notion thanks to the Dryly bedwetting alarm. We had finally gained insight into our son’s bedwetting behavior.

Thanks to the story behind Drly and finally the Dryly bedwetting alarm, we could see in the dashboard when and what time the accidents occurred. Turned out he peed twice a night, especially around three o’clock at night. At that point you know as a parent that it has nothing to do with laziness. I personally liked that.


Our son had been potty-trained at night for years and overnight he wet the bed again. At first we thought the bedwetting would go away as quickly as it had come, but nothing could be further from the truth. We thought that by ignoring it, it would go away on its own, that also was not true. After a few months, we decided to go to the family doctor. This brought us another step closer to creating the story behind Dryly.


The family doctor sent us away because he was not seven yet. Bedwetting for children under the age of seven is not considered a problem. Personally, I think this is very strange because children do suffer a lot. This also caused stress with sleepovers, a seven-year-old child is really self-aware enough to realize that bedwetting is not normal and that others his age do not suffer from it.

When the family doctor sent us away, we curiously enough never looked for a bedside alarm ourselves. We really thought it was a medical aid that you could not use without a doctor’s prescription. That’s exactly why we started Dryly.

The story behind Dryly

We wanted to make the bedwetting alarm accessible to all children who suffer from bedwetting, no matter how young or old. Although, if your child is not potty-trained properly during the day, it is not recommended to start using a bedwetting alarm. The brain is not mature at that point and then using a bed rest alarm can become a very frustrating and demotivating event. With Dryly we have developed everything along with parents and children. In fact; the idea for Dryly came from my son.

After he turned seven, we had received a prescription for the purchase of a bedwetting alarm from the family doctor and dutifully went to the medical supply store to buy it there. The sensor pants alone were terrible to put on, old-fashioned white briefs. Later it turned out that you could also buy some trendier models online, but it never actually became fun. Also, we had no idea what was happening at night as my son sabotaged the bedwetting alarm by pulling the alarm out of the socket and sleeping peacefully.

One morning over breakfast, he suggested the idea of developing a fun bedside alarm; something with an app and a stuffed toy. This is how the idea to found Dryly was born. We wanted to develop a fun bedwetting alarm that was accessible to anyone who thought it was a problem themselves that his/her child suffered from bedwetting. Hopefully, the story behind Dryly has been able to inspire you, making you realize how important the bedwetting alarm is for children with bedwetting problems.