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Bedwetting alarms

Why the Dryly bedwetting alarm?

93% is dry within 6-8 weeks
Motivating game elements for your child
Comfortable underwear with cheerful prints
Understadning bedwetting behaviour in the bedwetting alarm app

How does a bedwetting alarm work

A bedwetting alarm is a scientifically proven tool for staying dry at night. It consists of special bedwetting alarm pants and an alarm (consisting of a transmitter and a receiver). If urine gets into the pants, the alarm will go off to wake the child. The child then gets out of bed to go to the toilet and finish peeing. At first, the child may wake up and still be quite wet. The child is supposed to wake up earlier and earlier, even before the alarm goes off. This is how you teach a child to recognise the feeling of a full bladder, to wake up and go to the toilet.

Eventually, most children manage to sleep through the night without having to get up in the morning to go to the toilet because they have learned to respond to the urge. When the bladder is large enough, it is no longer necessary to go to the toilet at night, the child can sleep through the night until the next morning. However, this will take time, so please bear in mind that it may take a few weeks. The average duration for bedwetting alarm training is about 4 months, the average duration for the Dryly bedwetting alarm is 8 weeks.

Which Dryly Bedwetting alarm is best for me?

As a parent, you know better than anyone that every child is unique in their needs. We have listened carefully to both parent and child and put together three different Bedwetting alarms. That way, you can be sure that there is always one to suit you! When buying a bedwetting alarm, pay attention at what you expect to need to make the method succeed. Of course, we are always here to help you.

Dryly Bedwetting alarm Star

This bedwetting alarm is designed for children who rarely wet the bed. These bedwetting alarms contain two Dryly bedwetting alarm pants in neutral colours and Wizzu the panda bear! Of course, the transmitter & receiver are included and the bedwetting alarm app can be downloaded from the app store. Buying this Dryly bedwetting alarm can be especially interesting if your health insurer will (partly) reimburse you for it.

Dryly Bedwetting alarm Hero

This bedwetting alarm is often selected for children who wet the bed more often during the week. It comes with three Dryly bedwetting alarm pants in a solid colour and Wizzu the panda. That way, your child is ready for any situation! Buying this Dryly bedwetting alarm can also be extra cost-effective if your health insurer will (partially) reimburse you for it.

Dryly Bedwetting alarm Superhero

We find that many parents prefer these bedwetting alarms because these bedwetting alarms contain four Dryly bedwetting alarm pants. Many children have several accidents a week. In that case, that extra 2-pack gives just a bit more peace of mind so these can be included in the regular wash. Two of the pants have cute Dryly patterns and two are more discreet for when your child has to sleep over and feels a bit nervous about that for example. Buying this Dryly bedwetting alarm can also be extra cost-effective if your health insurer will (partially) reimburse you for it.

This is included in all Dryly Bedwetting alarms

Of course it is good to have options. Our mission is get children dry with a smile, so all bedwetting alarms come with a lovely soft stuffed bear that your child will love! In addition to this cute panda stuffed animal, each package contains a transmitter, a receiver and bedwetting alarm pants. You can download the corresponding Dryly bedwetting alarm app from the app store. Buying a bedwetting alarm provides more involvement when you do this along with your child.

Wizzu the Panda Bear

Who wouldn’t want to be friends with a lovely soft bear like Wizzu? Research shows that positive motivation is a tremendously important element of the bedwetting alarm method.

Bedwetting is something that involves a lot of emotion and frustration. Wizzu makes our bedwetting alarms unique. Parents frequently send us pictures of Wizzu comfortably sleeping with their child or taking him to a sleepover. Children experience Wizzu as a buddy who helps them to become potty trained. Wizzu gives them the confidence that it will work. Children love to take Wizzu to the breakfast table after a dry night and celebrate their success together.

There is a zipper in the back of Wizzu where you can put the receiver. If an accident occurs, Wizzu makes a noise. Your child should wake up and give Wizzu a firm hug. The movement will stop the alarm.

In the Dryly bedwetting alarm app, children can dress up Wizzu with all kinds of cool accessories.

The transmitter and receiver

Of course, Wizzu is very soft and sweet, but he does need the help from some ingenious technology to keep an eye on everything.

All bedwetting alarms contain a small transmitter that can be attached to the underwear with snaps. As soon as the transmitter detects bedwetting, it immediately sends a signal to the Dryly bedwetting alarm receiver. When the receiver receives a signal from the Dryly bedwetting alarm transmitter that bedwetting has started, it produces a sound that wakes up your child immediately! Wizzu also sends a message to the Dryly bedwetting alarm app on your phone immediately. This way, you can help your child to finish peeing and sleep through the night.

Countless scientific studies have proven that the bedwetting alarm method is the most effective method of getting rid of bedwetting. By waking up when they are about to wet the bed, your child will learn to recognise the signal of a full bladder! Buying a bedwetting alarm will therefore help you to effectively manage the bedwetting problem and subsequently eliminate it altogether.

Comfortable bedwetting alarm underwear

As we said at the beginning, every child is different and has a different outlook on life. We see this again and again when we have monthly discussions with our critical young consumers. Some children may find some things a bit daunting and are often reserved. The other child always wears pink sunglasses and thinks he can take on the world all by himself!

We have kept both children in mind with our design! We have developed two ‘worlds’ for the boys’ and girls’ models. One world has a fantastic print that fits in with the fun and positive Dryly style. Most children get very excited about this and even want to wear our bedwetting alarm pants to school!

The other world has a more neutral style with solid colours where the technology in the underwear is less noticeable. These can be used when a child needs a little less attention. We sometimes hear that children still want to be sure when they go out for a sleepover or when a child comes to stay the night. Totally understandable.

We recommend having both sets of styles in the house to give your child as much confidence as possible in any situation!

There are small press studs on the bedwetting alarm pants where the transmitter can be pushed onto. These bedwetting alarm pants have tiny wires running through them that detect when they become wet. The transmitter picks this up and immediately sends it onto Wizzu.

The Dryly app

We have previously given a sneak peek. The Dryly bedwetting alarm app is packed with great features to give parents complete insight while motivating the child intrinsically. This app is a very important part of our bedwetting alarms adventure to dry nights.

For parents

Push notification when wetting the bed.

It has been proven that there is a strong link between bedwetting and deep sleep. That is why it is extremely important that parents go to the child’s room to see if they have managed to wake up. If the child does not wake up on its own after three minutes, you can wake them up yourself. After a few times you will notice that the child wakes up more and more easily!

Insight into the problem

The Dryly bedwetting alarm app tells you when your child wets the bed. This may lead to the conclusion that more attention should be paid to peeing before going to bed. You may also establish a link with mood and bedwetting behaviour. So you know during which nights it is good to wake up your child preventively! This information from our bedwetting alarms also helps when looking for assistance in healthcare.

Faster assistance in healthcare

The most common frustration for parents is that it takes a long time for the GP to refer your child to a specialised care provider. And once you are referred, you have to deal with the same printed A4s again. Once you have spent a few weeks using the bedwetting alarm method, you will have all the information your family doctor needs to effectively help you!

A great tool to motivate your child

Because many children do not like the subject of bedwetting, they are often confronted with it as little as possible. A complete solution that considers the the child makes it easier to work through it together. Our bedwetting alarms offer this complete solution.

Secure environment

Our bedwetting alarm app is professionally developed and complies with the same medical standards of encryption, data security and anonymity that hospitals are required to meet. We ask for basic information which is necessary for the proper functioning of our bedwetting alarms and the bedwetting alarm method.

For the child

Rewards for commitment

Every night that your child goes through the bedtime ritual, they earn coins that can be used to personalise Wizzu. Your child may decide to save up for more expensive items, but can also buy a lot of cheaper items. Of course, no ‘real’ money is involved and goals are easily achievable. As a result, our bedwetting alarms create an interaction between child, parent, and the bedwetting alarm method.

Personalisation of a child’s own Wizzu character

The earned Wizzu coins can be used to buy trendy sunglasses, a cool cape, a funny hat and much more. Because Wizzu can be personalised, it is so much fun that children can ‘create’ something. Because Wizzu can be personalised, children can “create” something fun themselves.


We have noticed that children greatly appreciate the bedtime ritual. This is a digital list of a ritual that can be checked off step by step. We start with peeing. Then we put on the Dryly pants and brush our teeth. What could make a child happier than ticking boxes themselves! Make sure that you understand that simply buying a bedwetting alarm does not solve the problem, the involvement of both the parent and child actually initiates and accelerates the process.

How the bedwetting alarm can help children

We have known for some time that the bedwetting alarm can help children, but not everyone knows how well the bedwetting alarm can help children.  How Dryly helps children with the bedwetting alarm is still second to none.

The playful element, the comfy bear Wizzu and the functionalities such as the Dryly bedwetting alarm app help to solve the bedwetting problem quickly. This is how our bedwetting alarm teaches children to deal with the bedwetting problem in a fun and positive way by recognising, acknowledging and overcoming it.

Curious how the Dryly bedwetting alarm helps children get rid of the problem of bedwetting with the bedwetting alarm method? Then read how the bedwetting alarm method works.