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Bedwetting child 10 years old

Bedwetting child 10 years old is an incredibly annoying inconvenience for children who are 10 years old. The child is embarrassed, does not want to have sleepovers with other children, may not want to talk about it, or may be bullied about the situation. The bedwetting alarm child 10 years old may offer a solution. Did you know that 93% of children are potty-trained within 6 to 8 weeks when using the Dryly bedwetting alarm. So try the Dryly bedwetting alarm now and prevent a lot of negative emotion and uncertainty in your 10-year-old child.

Bedwetting alarm child 10 years old

Dryly was founded because the son of the founder and creator of Dryly was struggling with the problem of bedwetting child 10 years old. After years of trying all kinds of methods, the son came up with the idea for a fun, positive method by himself. Why couldn’t being potty-trained be fun? Why wasn’t there a fun and motivating app? Thus, during the Saturday morning breakfast, the idea of the Dryly bedwetting alarm child 10 years old, an effective way to get rid of night-time accidents in a playful fashion, was born.

Bedwetting child 10 years old

With the Dryly bedwetting alarm child 10 years old we can help in the fight against bedwetting. Our goal is to help the parent and child as best we can in the adventure towards dry nights. We want your child to become self-motivated and have fun dealing with night-time accidents. Our vision is that we can help both parents, and children in the fight against the bedwetting child 10 years old. We help the parents by providing an easy overview of the accidents. After all, this is tracked in an overview in the app. We help the children by making the journey more fun.


As mentioned, we make it more fun for a child to solve the problem bedwetting child 10 years old. First, we do this with Wizzu the Panda Bear. You see, we have hidden the receiver that sounds an alarm when an accident occurs in Wizzu the Panda Bear. This one makes your child feel like they are embarking on the journey to dry nights together and gives your child the confidence that they can do this. In addition, if you use our bedwetting alarm child 10 years old, you also get access to the Dryly app. This increases engagement and motivates your child by letting them earn points throughout the training. With these points, your child can dress up the virtual Wizzu. In this way, your child learns to recognise the signals of a full bladder in a playful way and knows to wake up.

Sleeping over

We understand that bedwetting child 10 years old can be a difficult problem if, for example, the child has someone sleeping over. Still, a friend doesn’t have to know that a bedwetting alarm child 10 years old is being used. The alarm is hidden in Wizzu the Panda bear and we also have neutral bedwetting alarm pants that don’t stand out when compared to our pants in fun and cheerful prints. By the way, the Dryly pants are made of organic cotton and have a perfect fit. We developed the colourful prints in collaboration with children. The pants can be washed at 60 degrees Celsius and can also be tumble dried.

Finally, some tips for bedwetting alarm training

  • Keep in mind that this method takes 3 months on average.
  • Use the bedwetting alarm child 10 years old until your child has stayed dry for 14 nights.
  • It is crucial to support your child during this period. Get out of bed too if your child wakes up from the alarm at night. Motivation and support are very important!
  • Try to put as little pressure on your child as possible. Make it fun!
  • As well as rewarding your child with fun gadgets in the app, it is also a good idea to reward your child from time to time after a few dry nights.
  • Do not wake your child to pee in the evening.

This way, the problem of bedwetting child 10 years old can soon be a thing of the past. So order our Dryly bed alarm now.