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Bedwetting child 12 years old

Bedwetting child 12 years old becomes quite a difficult problem from the time your child is 12 years old. This is the age when the child might enjoy staying over with a friend. But yeah, about that diaper. The child is starting to feel ashamed of it. In order to get rid of the bedwetting quickly and effectively, Dryly bedwetting alarm 12 years can provide the solution. Of all the children who use the Dryly® bedwetting alarm, no fewer than 93% are potty trained within 6-8 weeks. Dryly, the most fun adventure against bedwetting!

Bedwetting is not a disease

Bedwetting is not a disease. In almost all cases, it is a question of delayed potty training at night. Bedwetting is only considered a ‘medical’ problem by doctors when a child over the age of 12 still wets the bed at least once a month. It is only considered a “medical” problem if the child is affected by it. The medical term for bedwetting is ‘enuresis nocturna‘. Bedwetting rarely has a physical cause. However, the family doctor or paediatrician will always try to rule one out. If a physical cause has been ruled out, a bedwetting alarm child 12 years old is one of the solutions to bedwetting

Solutions against bedwetting child 12 years old

There are several solutions against bedwetting child 12 years old. Which method is best for the child very much depends on the needs of the child and the family. The bedwetting alarm child 12 years old is the solution most recommended by doctors because of its long-lasting effect. Usually, bedwetting does not stop on day one, but within 8 to 16 weeks you will see results with the bedwetting alarm.

Other solutions than the bedwetting alarm

There are other solutions besides a bedwetting alarm child 12 years old. Medication for example. The benefit is that medication has an immediate effect. The kidneys stop producing urine. This is useful when the child is going for a sleepover for example. The medication does nothing about the problem bedwetting child 12 years old. If the child stops taking the medication, there is a good chance that the bedwetting will start again.

Another option is to wait. Every year, about 11 percent of bedwetting children spontaneously recover from bedwetting. It is like a switched was flipped and the signals are suddenly recognised. However, we do not recommend this because it does not help the child’s self-image. Children who wet the bed do not want to have sleepovers with friends and feel very limited by this. The bedwetting alarm can restore your child’s self-confidence!

Dryly bedwetting alarm child 12 years old

There are many different bedwetting alarms for children. However, Dryly bedwetting alarm child 12 years old is unique in its kind. Bedwetting child 12 years old is a difficult problem that often causes a lot of frustration and emotion. The first thing that sets Dryly bedwetting alarm 12 years old apart from other bedwetting alarms is positivity. We know from experience how difficult bedwetting can be for the child and for the parents as well. That is why we have developed a unique method based on the scientifically proven bedwetting alarm method. Wizzu the Panda bear that is added to our packages will support the child and make becoming potty-trained less stressful.

Wizzu the Panda Bear takes the child on an adventure with games, a smile and to give the child a hug when needed. This way, we can work together towards dry nights. Of course, the support of the parents is also necessary.

The insight the Dryly bedwetting alarm provides

Dryly bedwetting alarm child 12 years old has something else that makes it unique, the insights that it provides. As a parent, you often only find out in the morning that the child has had an accident. Many children are ashamed and do not tell their parents, so that sometimes it is only in the evening, when they discover a wet bed, that it becomes apparent that the child has wet the bed the night before.

With our handy mobile app, a signal is immediately sent to the phone if an accident does occur. This information can also be shared with the GP so that he can immediately gain a good insight into the child’s bedwetting behaviour. This may save a few visits and make it easier to solve bedwetting child 12 years old.