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Bedwetting child 4 years old

The bedwetting alarm has been scientifically proven to be the most effective method against bedwetting child 4 years old. The bedwetting alarm teaches your child to wake up from a full bladder. Our mission is to help children and their parents solve bed-wetting problems in a positive and enjoyable way. The Dryly bedwetting alarm child 4 years old allows you to effectively tackle bedwetting. Our bedwetting alarm method combines fun and effectiveness.

Effectively tackle bedwetting child 4 years old with Dryly

When your child goes to sleep, he or she will put on a special pair of Dryly pants. We have made these in fun and comfortable models so that your child will enjoy putting them on. The transmitter of the Dryly bedwetting alarm child 4 years old is clipped onto the underwear. The transmitter detects moisture and communicates with the receiver. It is contained in a cute and cuddly panda bear toy, Wizzu.

If you follow the Dryly method with your child, your child will receive coins in the Dryly app. This allows them to buy fun accessories that can be used to personalise a digital Wizzu. With the Dryly app you as a parent have direct insight into the bedwetting behavior of your child. You can also see the exact time when your child wets the bed at night. Dryly makes it more fun and easier to solve the problem bedwetting child 4 years old.

Why Dryly?

Why choose Dryly bedwetting alarm child 4 years old? Dryly takes you and your child on an adventure to dry nights.

We represent:

  • A positive approach
  • Motivating kids in a fun way
  • Providing insight into urination behaviour
  • Increasing self-confidence
  • Your child is supported by Wizzu the panda bear
  • Reimbursed by most health insurers

Tackle bedwetting child 4 years old effectively with Dryly


Wizzu is your child’s sweet friend. The receiver of the Dryly bedwetting alarm child 4 years old goes in the back of Wizzu. If your child has an accident, Wizzu will wake him/her up. Wizzu becomes your child’s buddy. Your child is not alone. Together, Wizzu and your child set off for dry nights. Wizzu gives your child the confidence that they can do it.  Wizzu the panda bear also plays a very important role in the Dryly app. If your child does well during the bedwetting training child 4 years old earns coins in the app with which she/he can dress up a virtual Wizzu with cool gadgets.

Pants and mattress protector

The Dryly pants are made of organic cotton and have a perfect fit. The colourful prints were created in collaboration with children.

The pants can be washed at 60 degrees Celsius and can also be tumble dried. We also have neutral pants, for sleepovers for example. The pants are available in sizes 98 to 164.

You can also order a mattress protector with the Dryly bedwetting alarm child 4 years old. You place the mattress protector under the fitted sheet to protect your mattress. This prevents stains and unpleasant odours. This is how we make it as easy as possible to deal with the problem of bedwetting child 4 years old.

We can help you

Bedwetting by a child 4 years old is a problem that has often been present for a long time. Sometimes you can use a little support. You can contact us with any questions from 10.00 to 18.00 on 0031 24 808 02 26 or [email protected]. And we can also give you tips if there is no progress or if your child has trouble waking up from the bedwetting alarm child 4 years old at night. So don’t hesitate to call us. We are by your side, with positive and fun products, but also with help, advice, and tips.