Bedwetting and the night alarm

The night alarm is one of the most effective ways to combat bedwetting. In this article we will tell you more about how this works.

When are we talking about bedwetting?

Bedwetting, also called enuresis nocturna, is the result of an involuntary emptying of the bladder while sleeping. This is seen as a problem if you can expect this not to happen again based on how old the person is at the time. In practice, this age is between 5 and 6 years old.

Although parents may sometimes think that this is because the child is lazy or seeks negative attention in this way, this is almost never the cause.

Causes of bedwetting

There can be several causes behind the child’s bedwetting. Important variables can be the history, gender, age, or state of mind of the child. Below is a list of the most common reasons where a night alarm may be able to help.

1. Being unable to recognize the signal of a full bladder

This is by far the most common cause of bedwetting. The bladder sends signals to the brain that it is reaching its maximum capacity. The brain doesn’t manage to translate these signals into waking up so your child can go to the toilet. As soon as the bladder reaches its maximum capacity, it empties itself because of a protective mechanism.

2. Low bladder capacity

In some children it happens that the bladder is underdeveloped. The healthcare specialist can determine this through tests. They often recommend doing certain exercises to increase the capacity of the bladder. In some cases, these exercises go hand in hand with the night alarm.

3. A medical cause

Less than 1 percent of children who suffer from bedwetting have a medical problem. This could be a urinary tract infection, but diabetes, insufficient ADH hormone, or sleep apnea may also cause bedwetting.

Comment fonctionne un réveil nocturne

How does a night alarm work

The purpose of a night alarm clock is to help the child’s brain to better recognize the signals of a full bladder.

When the child goes to bed, they follow the Dryly bedtime ritual. An important part is that the child puts on Dryly pants before bedtime. The Dryly transmitter can be pressed onto these pants to detect whether an accident has occurred.

If an accident does occur, the transmitter immediately sends a message to the Dryly receiver located in the Wizzu the panda bear stuffed toy. Wizzu the panda bear sends a message to your device through the Wi-Fi network to the Dryly app. In addition, Wizzu the panda bear also immediately plays an alarm sound that wakes the child right away.

The child is woken up the moment the bladder empties because there is no longer any capacity to store urine. The brain learns to better recognize the signal of a full bladder. As the night alarm training progresses, the child will wake up more and more easily due to these signals.

When is a good time to start with the night alarm?

We often get this question from parents. The main thing to remember is that every child is unique and that it is always good to have a conversation with your doctor.

Assuming the situation is ‘typical’, we recommend that you consider the night alarm when the child is at least 5 years old and is motivated to stop bedwetting.

One of the most important success factors for achieving dry nights is the motivation of the child. With the Dryly night alarm, the child is stimulated by a points system. Each time the bedtime ritual is completed, the child earns points that they can use to personalize Wizzu with in the app.

In addition to age and motivation, it is important that there are few other major events that are taking place in the child’s life. By using the night alarm, the child (and the parents!) will experience restless nights because they are awakened by every accident. It doesn’t help if the child is already tired due to other circumstances.

How do I start with the night alarm?

In our webshop you can order the night alarm and it will be delivered to your front door in a matter of days! This package includes underwear, a transmitter, a receiver and Wizzu the stuffed toy.

The Dryly app can be downloaded for Android and Apple devices.

Do you have any questions about the night alarm clock? We are ready for you!

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