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Bedwetting is a frustrating problem; waking up in a wet bed in the morning is no fun. In addition, the psychological consequences for your child are no joke either. Your child may become insecure or develop a negative self-image. That is something you absolutely want to prevent!

If your child wets the bed regularly, the bedwetting alarm is the most effective method against bedwetting . On average, children are dry within 3 months. There are several bedwetting alarms for sale; but what is the best bedwetting alarm?

What the best bedwetting alarm is depends on what you are looking for. The best bedwetting alarm can therefore vary from person to person. We have developed the Dryly® bedwetting alarm with the aim of truly helping children and parents. We believe that the best bedwetting alarm should help and motivate children and parents in a fun way. Motivating both parent and child is the most important factor for the success of the bedwetting alarm training.

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The Dryly® bedwetting alarm method has developed a training in which parents and child are supported in following processes. The Dryly® bedwetting alarm has been voted the best bedwetting alarm on the website and the bedwettingalarm website named the Dryly® bedwetting alarm the best bedwetting alarm. We are really very proud of that. Users consider the Dryly® bedwetting alarm to be the best bedwetting alarm because of its user-friendliness, modern look, motivating effect for the child, insight into the child’s behavior and price/quality ratio. We explain these categories below.

User-friendliness: Dryly® has been voted the best bedwetting alarm in terms of user-friendliness because the bedwetting alarm is amazingly easy to install. Thanks to modern technology you are ready to go within 2 minutes! Users experience the installation process as very pleasant and it is surrounded by positivity. You will meet Wizzu the panda right away and your child will be into it!

Modern look: Dryly® gets the most stars from users for the most modern bedwetting alarm. This makes us the best and modern bedwetting alarm in this category. The Dryly® bedwetting alarm has been developed to make the process of potty training as fun as possible. The fun starts when the box arrives; a fantastically beautiful and modern box, which makes you happy just looking at it. The pants were developed along with children. We carefully listened to their choices and that’s why children are so happy with our pants.

Understanding bedwetting behaviour

Motivating effect for the child: our customers give us the highest mark here. According to users, Dryly® is also the best bedwetting alarm in this area. Children are immediately drawn into the story of Wizzu the panda. If you start with the Dryly® bedwetting alarm, you log in to the app. Your child can earn points in the app if they take the right steps every day. The child receives points every day that they can use to dress up Wizzu and equip him with cool gadgets. It is great fun every night to make Wizzu look different.

Insight into behavior: Dryly® is the best bedwetting alarm when it comes to providing insight into the behavior of children. You will receive a notification in the app every time your child wets the bed. That way you can see exactly when they peed, and you can see any patterns that may develop. You can also share this information with your doctor or urologist.

Price-quality ratio: we are enormously proud that we are considered the best bedwetting alarm by our customers in this category. The Dryly® bedwetting alarm is slightly more expensive than those offered by competitors. So we are very happy that people also experience our added value as something positive.

We hope that you too can soon experience this positive experience and that we are the best bedwetting alarm for you!

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