93% are potty trained in 6 to 8 weeks!

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Different bedwetting alarms brands

We receive an increasing number of calls and emails asking what the real differences are between the different bedwetting alarm brands / suppliers on the market. On this page we have listed some of the key points that might be important for you to consider when choosing the best bedwetting alarm for your situation.

Is the bedwetting alarm reimbursed?

Approximately 70% of the supplementary packages of the various health insurances cover the bedwetting alarm. These reimbursements vary from a full reimbursement to a partial reimbursement. Please note that not all brands are covered by the reimbursement by default. The bedwetting alarm from Dryly is covered by almost every health insurer, check your reimbursement through this link.

How fast does the alarm go off at the time of urination?

Most Dutch bedwetting alarm brands offer a good quality bedwetting alarm. The biggest difference in these is the use of the special sensor underwear which can detect urine the fastest and is therefore also the fastest to trigger an alarm. Dryly also uses the sensor underwear in the starting pack and therefore also provides a timely alarm for optimal bedwetting alarm training.


Does the child wake up properly to the bedwetting alarm?

Children who suffer from bedwetting are often very deep sleepers and it is therefore important that they are awakened fully. The sound of the bedwetting alarm should therefore be loud and preferably also annoying so that he/she wakes up immediately and goes to the toilet. Dryly has opted for a loud and old-fashioned telephone sound.

Make sure that your child switches off his/her alarm clock themselves, it is very important that your child is truly awake and aware of the situation. The more awareness there is of the problem, the faster a solution will be reached.

Guidance during training

You can rely on most bedwetting alarm brands to trigger the alarm quickly when an accident occurs. Regardless of whether the alarm works, it is of course even more important that your child actually wakes up. What do you do if your child does not wake up properly? And where can you turn if your child does not wake up?

If you have been advised by a peeing clinic to start with the bedwetting alarm training, they will advise you on what you can do in such situations.  We (Dryly) also have a customer service which is available up to 7 days a week. We love delivering a bedwetting alarm, in fact we genuinely love it even more when our training is successfully completed. That we have been able to offer the solution to the bedwetting problem.

The success rate and time duration of bedwetting alarm training

The bedwetting alarm method is a scientifically proven method against bedwetting. Of course, the results vary from child to child, but the average time needed for a bedwetting alarm is about 12-16 weeks. Of course, it is important to have an active bedwetting alarm training.

At Dryly, we have been able to reduce the average turnaround time by using a positive and stimulating approach with the help of Wizzu the panda, the game component, etc. At the moment, 92% are potty trained within 6-8 weeks!


The price of bedwetting alarm

There are different price levels among the different bedwetting alarm brands. Dryly does not offer the cheapest bedwetting alarm, but in return you get the best service and the most fun package. We take you on an adventure to dry nights and our approach has proven to be successful because the turnaround time is a lot shorter than average.

Dryly offers different packages ranging from 179 to 219 euros. The difference lies, for example, in the provision of a mattress protector and the number of pieces of underwear.

The comfort of the bedwetting alarm

Of course, comfort is very important. Dryly has developed its own underwear with maximum comfort and a fun design. It is, of course, important that your child finds it comfortable to sleep using our bedwetting alarm. The Dryly bedwetting alarm is also completely wireless, which also provides some extra comfort.