Dryly® guest blog: Angela Turfboer (@kids.sweet.home)

How great is it that I get to share my experience in the Dryly guest blog? It’s been a few weeks since I first spoke to Clarien. Our conversation felt very comfortable right away. We immediately scheduled an appointment. Our family has the honor of testing 2 Dryly bedwetting alarms. This is because both our kids occasionally have accidents at night. Two Wizzu pandabears in one family. After Clarien’s explanation about the app, the bedwetting alarm and the pants we were ready to start. Our two children were extremely eager to put on the pants and get their hands on the stuffed bears!

We went through the process step by step and it actually speaks for itself. After this explanation, we immediately installed and tested the Dryly app.

The Dryly mobile app

That same evening, the new ritual began. Before going to bed, you can check your to-do list by using the step-by-step plan of the Dryly app. A fixed bedtime ritual is crucial for the success of bedwetting alarm method against bedwetting. By following the process you earn points that you can then use to dress up Wizzu in the app. Very motivating and at the same time super fun. By now both children have their pants on that pairs with the transmitter. We went through the steps with the children and yessss, both got 50 points. They can use those tomorrow when they wake up! This way we can dress Wizzu up with clothes or fun gadgets. Both children fell asleep quickly and happily.

The nice thing is that the pants are of great quality and very comfortable. Our children have been wearing expensive boxers for years because they can’t stand seams or labels, but these are very nice. You click the transmitter onto the shorts to ensure that you detect every accident. The transmitter also stays in place during the night.


At 11:30 p.m. we always let them pee again. We’ll keep this rhythm for a while. In case they do have an accident, the bear will go off. The child has to turn off the sound by shaking Wizzu and that is why we keep it outside the bed. Then as parents, we get a message on our phone that we have to press. When the alarm goes off, you let your child pee and put on a clean pair of bedwetting alarm pants so they can continue sleeping.

. The first few nights took a little getting used to for our child. The alarm went off (which sounds like the sound of an old-fashioned phone) but she slept through it, no matter how loud it went off. We also struggled with waking up. But after a few days, she called us right away when the bear went off. She’s now becoming more and more aware of the process.

After a longer period of now almost two weeks I can say that our youngest of four is doing really well. She already stays dry nights, she is so happy. A child of four of us doesn’t have to be potty-trained at night but when you have a child who refuses to wear a diaper this is quite a challenge. After nights of fiddling with mats and nighttime changing sessions, there is now peace and quiet and she is so proud. At the same time, we have an older son who has the occasional accident. He’s someone who falls asleep very deeply and is just too late to get up. This makes him insecure. Especially when going out for a sleepover, have friends staying over, camp and so on. Because of the panda bear, he’s more confident. When friends are sleeping over can turn the sound off, the parent will get a message (you can invite someone via the app when he sleeping over somewhere else). They really thought of everything. I can totally recommend Dryly to anyone. We’ll test this in the next few weeks, and I’ll come back in a couple of weeks to let you know how we’re doing.