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Guest blog: Unfortunately another wet night

Are you dry? No, I’m wet mommy. Oh ok, go take a nice shower, then. This is what an average morning looks like for us. Whatever we do, our son Pieter wakes up wet every morning. The bedwetting just doesn’t stop! Mornings when Pieter doesn’t have to take a shower are rapidly becoming the exception. It makes me hopeless. Everything smells, his duvet, the mattress and his cuddly toys. I always wonder when exactly he wets the bed. Maybe we can prevent it if we wake him up earlier in the morning or in the middle of the night. You wouldn’t wish so many wet nights upon any child.


Rewards from the shelves of Intertoys

I had hoped to find that out when we started using the traditional bedwetting alarm. But because Pieter hated to be woken up in the middle of the night, he just unplugged the alarm and went back to sleep. We still didn’t know what happened during the night, and Pieter kept waking up wet.

While we were using the bedwetting alarm I used toys to reward Pieter for staying dry. It helped temporarily, but in the long term Lego won’t prevent another wet night.


So, is there anything that does help? I’m convinced that as a parent I need more support to implement the method as intended. The urologist told us that we, the parents, had to get out of bed in the evening too and that we had to support Pieter at night in his fight against bedwetting. It would be nice if parents got a little more guidance on how to deal with bedwetting. It would have saved me a lot of money, at least!

Wondering how our bedwetting alarm method does provide the solution to a wet night?