What’s the most fun bedwetting alarm?

The most fun bedwetting alarm is developed by Dryly®. The bedwetting alarm is a special alarm that wakes your child with sound as soon as he/she wets the bed. Your child wears special shorts (sensor underwear) that detects moisture and therefore sends a signal to the receiver, otherwise known as the alarm. When the alarm goes off, your child can turn it off on their own, get up and go to the bathroom. As a parent, it is important that you are also ready for him/her and help with going to the bathroom and changing the underwear. The cheerful approach of the best bedwetting alarm from Dryly® allows us to motivate your child better and therefore achieve faster results.

After a while your child learns to wake up by themselves and go to the toilet without the bedwetting alarm. The bed stays dry! The bedwetting alarm is the most well-known and successful treatment of bedwetting and has also been scientifically proven. With the bedwetting alarm, most children manage to become dry.


When should I start with the bedwetting alarm?

Most children are potty-trained faster during the day than at night because they are more aware of what is happening during the day. Your child feels a full bladder more easily, so goes to the bathroom faster and on time. When your child is in a deep sleep this is a bit more difficult to learn. The brain needs to convert the signal from a full bladder during sleep into a so-called “wake-up reflex”. If it is not recognized (in time), he/she pees the bed.

Of course, there may also be physical symptoms or indications that this process is not working properly. For example, your child may have a relatively small bladder or may produce a lot of urine. If you suspect that there is a physical cause, you can always contact your family doctor to discuss this problem!

When there are no physical causes and you want help or guidance in solving bedwetting the best bedwetting alarm from Dryly® is a great solution. This most fun bedwetting alarm training is a scientifically proven and most effective method to teach your child to wake up on time. The Dryly® bedwetting alarm is a tool for a very effective training. As with any training, it requires a certain amount of perseverance. Therefore it is important to start the bedwetting alarm training at a good time. A number of considerations to determine when it is a good time to start with the bedwetting alarm are as follows:

Your child is motivated to start tackling the bedwetting.

With this most fun bedwetting alarm training your child will be woken up when the sensor underwear gets wet from the first drops of urine. Nobody likes to be woken up in the middle of the night, but if you realize what you’re doing it for, it doesn’t matter. For this reason, the child’s motivation is very important.

The recommended age is 6 years, but you can start earlier!

If the alarm of the most fun bedwetting alarm from Dryly® goes off at night, some actions need to be carried out. First you have to turn off the alarm of course, with Dryly® you can do that by shaking the panda (Wizzu). Then go to the toilet and put on a new pair of sensor pants, don’t forget to take the transmitter off the old pants and attach it to the new pants.

It is very important that your child is allowed to be a child. By actively tackling the bedwetting, the child gets the feeling that it is doing something something it’s not supposed to. Even though it’s a perfectly normal thing to have happen to small children! More than 20% of 5-year-olds still wet the bed and the younger the child the more often it happens.

Do you want to start the bedwetting alarmtraining at a younger age because you want to get rid of the diapers? Try it, but keep in mind that a training session is more often interrupted than at a slightly older age.


The bedwetting alarm reimbursement

Your health insurance can also play a role in determining the right moment to start with the bedwetting alarm method. The bedwetting alarm is in fact not included in the basic insurance, in order to be entitled to a bedwetting alarm compensation you must therefore have supplementary insurance. In addition, some health insurers reimburse it in all cases and others only do so starting at ages 6 or 7. Check here whether your health insurance company will reimburse the Dryly® bedwetting alarm.

We have an agreement with the vast majority of health insurers, so that you can claim the costs to your health insurer. You will receive an invoice from us containing all the details such as your child’s name and date of birth.

Conclusion: The most fun bedwetting alarm is from Dryly®.

The most fun bedwetting alarm is most successful with children because they are more motivated to work on it because of the cheerful approach and the corresponding reward model. The motivation comes from a certain need, but at Dryly® we make sure that you can trigger this motivation as well. Because of the fun approach and with the help of the various game elements, we trigger your child even better and 92% of our users are potty trained within 6 to 8 weeks. The highest success rate is achieved with motivated children from the age of 6 years and older with no suspected physical causes for bedwetting.

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