Blogs about bedwetting

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Important blogs

Below you will find a list of blogs that we believe are important to read.

My child still wets the bed, what now?!
This blog includes general information about what ‘bedwetting’ means and what its most common causes are. It is also good to know from what age bedwetting is considered a problem. Bedwetting is a recognised disease that can be diagnosed by a doctor.

A bladder diary for bedwetting, how does that work?
As mentioned before, a bladder diary is the first step towards a diagnosis. A bladder diary shows abnormal urination and drinking patterns.

What is the bedwetting alarm and how does it work?
Once any physical abnormalities have been ruled out, your child will probably be able to start using a bedwetting alarm. We have written an extensive blog to give you a better idea of how a bedwetting alarm works.