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Dryly® sees that many children suffer unnecessarily from bedwetting. Especially in children between 6 and 12 we often see that it has a big impact on the mental state of both child and parent. Children become insecure and are afraid to go to sleepovers.

Usually we hear from parents that they think ‘it’s part of the process’ or that ‘it just happens’. Because bedwetting isn’t discussed openly, parents often feel that they are the only ones dealing with the problem. They believe that when the opposite is true. More than 10% of children between 6 and 12 sometimes pee the bed! They also do not realise that for most children, the bedwetting alarm is an effective solution that has been scientifically proven.

We are changing that situation! With our taboo-breaking approach, we work with parent and child from a positive perspective. The child goes on an adventure with Wizzu and is encouraged to stick to certain routines. The parent receives practical tips to effectively tackle bedwetting without the child feeling as though they are being punished!


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