Dryly® bedwetting alarm
for sleepovers

A sleepover is always fun and Wizzu would love to be invited!

The Dryly® bedwetting alarm is very suitable for a sleepover. Depending on your needs, you can use the system in ‘online mode’ or ‘offline mode’. In the ‘online mode’ you can even grant temporary access to the parent or guardian where your child is staying so that he or she receives a message! You can also set up an extra discreet alarm sound.


Below we will help you choose the approach that best suits the situation!

Brief introduction about the offline and online mode

We recommend that you use the bedwetting alarm in online mode as much as possible because you can then make optimal use of functionalities such as receiving an alarm notification in the event of an accident, insight into battery settings and automatic bedwetting calendar registration.

If the receiver is able to connect to the sa https://dryly.com/en/product/dryly-receiver/ved Wifi network, it goes into online mode. The receiver is connected to the Dryly® app through the internet. In the event of an accident, it will send a notification to the Dryly® app through the internet and you will be able to help your child.

When the receiver is turned on in an environment where the stored Wifi network cannot be found, the receiver goes into offline mode. In this mode the receiver has no connection to the internet or the Dryly® app. If an accident occurs, the alarm will sound from the receiver and you won’t receive a message.

A sleepover

If Wizzu is coming with you on a sleepover, there are several ways to set up the system. It is always important that your child brings the receiver, the transmitter, the underwear and possibly Wizzu the panda bear.

Offline mode

This is the easiest way where you don’t have to connect to the Wi-Fi network.

  • Make sure the receiver is within three meters of the bed.
  • Turn the receiver on
  • Check that the sound is on (turn the switch all the way to the right)
  • Enjoy your nighttime

The benefit is that you don’t have to deal with Wi-Fi passwords. A drawback is that the adult will not be informed in case of an accident. Also, you cannot set off the alarm in a more discreet way. You can read more information about this in ‘online mode’.

Online mode

You can also connect the receiver to the home network of the house where your child is going to stay for his or her sleepover. To do this, it is important that you change the WiFi network for the receiver. If you like, you can invite the adult who is going to stay with your child in the Dryly® app. This gives them (temporary) access to your family and a notification in case of an accident.

This is how you change the Wifi network for the receiver:

  • Go to ‘My Wizzu’s’ in the burger menu on the top left
  • Select the receiver you want to delete the Wifi network from and press ‘Delete’’
  • Now you can pair the receiver to the new Wi-Fi network by pressing ‘Pair’
  • At a certain point you are asked to connect to the ‘Wizzu Wi-Fi network’. This allows you to let the receiver know which Wi-Fi network and password to use.
  • Make sure you turn the receiver off first and then on again. This will put the receiver in pairing mode for a few minutes’

This is how you (temporarily) invite someone to join your family:

  • Go to ‘Settings’ in the burger menu on the top left.
  • Press ‘Invite parent’
  • – Enter name and email address. If you make the adult ‘administrator’, they will have access to features such as the ‘Dashboard’
  • The adult will now receive an email with the invite
  • After downloading the Dryly® app (Android here and iOS there) the adult creates an account
  • The adult can now press the invite to be admitted to the family
  • Make sure you turn the alarm in your own Dryly® app to silent when your child is at a sleepover.
  • After the sleepover, you can remove the adult’s access under ‘Settings’.

We’ve created a useful instructional video if you can’t figure it out!

A sleepover with the standard alarm sound

You can use the receiver in the ‘standard’ way as you do at home. In the event of an accident, the alarm will go off and the receiver will send a message to the Dryly® app. You can take the Dryly bedwetting alarm with you for some extra peace of mind.

Dryly bedwetting alarm sleepover with an extra discreet alarm

As you’ve probably experienced by now, the alarm in the receiver is capable of producing quite a bit of noise. Normally this is good, but maybe your child doesn’t like it as much when he or she is at a sleepover in a strange house with friends. If your child is not a deep sleeper, the following can provide just that little extra bit of relaxation at night.

For this method you need an extra device or tablet with internet or Wi-Fi connection.

  • Install the Dryly® app
  • Now you can log in with an existing (parent) account or you can create your own account for your child.
  • When creating an account for your child, don’t forget to invite him or her to join the family
  • Set the receiver to ‘silent mode’ by setting the switch in the middle
  • If an accident occurs, the alarm of the receiver does not go off, but it does send a message to all active devices in the ‘family’. Your child’s device will also receive the message and play the alarm sound.

The alarm sound of a phone will be a lot less loud than the alarm sound of the receiver.

Do you have any additional questions? We’re here for you! Feel free to contact us during our opening hours so that we can help you further if you run into problems.