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Dryly Bedwetting Alarm Hero Boys (Incl. 3 pants)

This bedwetting alarm pack consists of a receiver, a transmitter, Wizzu (panda stuffed toy), the Dryly® charger, a mattress protector, two boxershorts and the Dryly® app (mobile application).

Pakket: Hero
Gender: Boy

Why the Dryly®️ bedwetting alarm?

93% is dry within 6-8 weeks
Motivating game elements for your child
Comfortable underwear with cheerful prints
Understadning bedwetting behaviour in the bedwetting alarm app

Dryly Bedwetting Alarm pack Hero for boys

You order the Dryly Bedwetting Alarm pack Hero for girls, we’ll make sure it’s a party! With this set you’re ready to start dealing with bedwetting with your child in a positive way.

The Dryly Bedwetting alarm pack hero includes Wizzu, an adorable panda full of innovative gadgets who’s every child’s friend. You will also receive three boxershorts with sensor wires that detect moisture.

You can attach the Dryly® Transmitter to the boxershorts, which sends a signal to Wizzu in case of a night-time accident. Wizzu uses sound to wake your child up and immediately sends an alert to the parents’ mobile app via the Wi-Fi network.

The Dryly Bedwetting Alarm pack Hero contains:

A fun way to tackle bedwetting with our Dryly Bedwetting Alarm pack Hero

We believe that bedwetting children should not be burdened with clinical-looking products that only evoke further stress.
Be honest, looking at this cute underwear, would you have guessed that it is part of an innovative product to fight bedwetting?

A transmitter attached to the underwear connects to small threads woven into the fabric of the underwear. The transmitter receives a signal when the shorts become wet, which will be forwarded to Wizzu the panda who is connected to the Wifi network. Wizzu wakes the child up and immediately alerts the parents.

How does Dryly® work?

Dryly® is based on the scientifically proven bedwetting alarm method. Research shows that a bedwetting alarm is the most effective method to prevent bedwetting. No less than 85 percent of the children become dry within three months.

To achieve this, it is important to motivate the child in a positive way and that parents offer their support. For the method to succeed, it is essential that you as a parent/ caretaker wake the child up at night when the alarm goes off. Our mobile app helps you to wake up. In the same app you will also find some useful statistics and an automatically updated bedwetting diary.

Approved according to the strictest CE standards

Image result for ce keurmerkWe are parents ourselves and naturally, we want the best for our children. That is why all Dryly products have been fully CE tested to meet the strictest safety standards.

The Dryly Transmitter uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology. This signal is very weak compared to the Wi-Fi or the telephone network. This saves battery life and is very safe to use.

Going on a sleepover with confidence with our Dryly Bedwetting Alarm pack Hero

Even if Wizzu is not connected to the Wi-Fi network, our bedwetting alarm system works great. When Wizzu is not connected to the internet, he will only wake up the child. A good start!

Also suitable for (young) adults

We are good friends with Wizzu, but we understand there are times when his presence is not or no longer needed. The Dryly Receiver can be taken out of Wizzu and because of its sleek design it looks perfectly fine standing on the bedside table. All functionalities remain the same and no worries, Wizzu will understand!

Innovation and scientific proof

Image result for tnoThe effectiveness of the bedwetting alarm method has been proven many times all over the world. Extensive research regarding bedwetting and the bedwetting alarm method has also been carried out in the Netherlands by the independent research organisation TNO.

Studies show that the bedwetting alarm method has a direct positive effect in 85% of users.

Download the Dryly® app

The mobile app is available in the App Store and the Google Play Store. Click on the buttons below to download the Dryly® app.

Dryly - Apple - Download in app store Dryly - Google - Download in play store

Weight 2000 g
Dimensions 28,5 × 38,5 × 21 cm



Transmitter without vibration function, Transmitter with vibration function (+€30,-)


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