Bedwetting alarm method

The bedwetting alarm method is a scientifically proven solution against bedwetting. The bedwetting alarm is by far the most effective and fastest method to get rid of bedwetting. The bedwetting alarm method is a training method in which the child learns to wake up when the bladder signals that it is full. There are several brands of bedwetting alarms available on the market. On average, all these different bedwetting alarms have resulted in research showing that 72% of users are potty-trained within 16 weeks.

Dryly® has further developed the method and focused on how the scientific part of the bedwetting alarm method can be merged with a convenient solution in how your child experiences it while also offering added convenience for the parents. The big advantage of the changes in the methodology is that as a parent, you have all the tools at your disposal through the app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple Play Store. It offers an additional motivation for your child.


This extra motivation is expressed by your child getting a new friend named Wizzu . Wizzu is a friendly panda bear who is around as a trusted, soft companion for your child to make this unpleasant problem as enjoyable as possible. We also see that this is extra appreciated by children. We currently have a success rate of 92% within 6 weeks.

The bedwetting alarm method is simple and effective

The bedwetting alarm method aims to teach the child to better recognize the signals of a full bladder. When your child goes to bed, he or she puts on special Dryly® pants . A small transmitter with two snaps is attached to the bottoms. Through small invisible wires in the underwear, the transmitter keeps track of whether it becomes damp. As soon as your child starts to pee in bed, the transmitter will notice this and immediately send a message to the receiver hidden in Wizzu . The receiver makes an alarm sound and wakes the child!

Because your child wakes up when the bladder is at its maximum capacity, he or she learns to recognize the sensation of a full bladder. By applying the bedwetting alarm method over a longer period of time, it trains your child to increasingly recognize the sensation of a full bladder.

You could say that the bedwetting alarm method accelerates the maturation process of these organs.

The average duration of the bedwetting alarm method

An average bedwetting alarm training method lasts 2 to 3 months. The duration partly depends on the motivation and the consistency with which the training is carried out. Through the positive approach of the Dryly® bedwetting alarm in combination with all the fun elements, we know how to motivate your child even more. As a result, Dryly® has achieved incredibly good results and we are proud to say that over 92% of our users are potty-trained within 6 weeks.

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