Bedwetting when to wake up

Below you can read all about waking your child. We speak to many parents who notice that their little one becomes increasingly frustrated with every accident that takes place. This is quite normal because bedwetting is not something that a child does consciously. If you notice that your little one is struggling more and more with bedwetting, it is a good idea to work on this together. The Dryly bedwetting alarm then offers a good solution. Because the bedwetting alarm is scientifically proven to be the most effective way to get rid of bedwetting, it is recommended by general practitioners and urologists.

Many parents wonder how to combine the new chapter of the bedwetting alarm with what they have always done. Especially for parents with little ones who are having a hard time with it, these tips are very useful!

Should I also wake up my child during the night to go to the bathroom?

The most important part of the bedwetting alarm is to wake the child up the moment they pee in bed. In this way, the child learns to recognize the signals better and better, so that the brain may give these signals enough priority to wake up next time. Parents often ask us if they should wake up their little one in the middle of the night to prevent an accident. There are no concrete scientific results on this, but our advice often works very effectively in hindsight!

In this situation we ask the parents what the purpose of the bedwetting alarm method is for them. The goal is that the child can deal with the bedwetting in a sustainable way. If a child wets the bed several times a night, it is not a bad idea to have one accident happen in a ‘controlled’ manner. This gives the brain the opportunity to make the connection between a full bladder and waking up. If you notice that your child is having a hard time with this, it’s fine to wake your child up later to go to the bathroom again so that he or she only has the one accident.

If this is the key for you and your child to stay motivated while training, this is a great result.

When do you wake your child?

This varies greatly from child to child. You can choose to intentionally not wake your child up for the first few nights, meaning you can see when your child has an accident in the Dryly app. If you recognize a pattern here, you can wake up your child well before the second accident and let them go to the toilet.

The conclusion of this article is that the route is different for each child, but the most important thing is that you complete the route! If you need to wake up your child to keep it on track, that’s a good compromise!