Preventing bedwetting

Bedwetting is very unpleasant, both for the parents and for your child. Fortunately, children often grow out of it, but if this is not the case, there are several solutions that will prevent bedwetting. Do you want to prevent bedwetting? Check out these tips:

  • During the day, make sure your child regularly drinks something and goes to the bathroom. Make sure that he/she finishes peeing. Anything that does not come out during the day will come out at night. While your child is sleeping.
  • Have your child stop drinking an hour before bedtime and avoid drinks that contain caffeine such as cola, coffee, or hot chocolate because they have a diuretic effect.
  • Make sure your child goes to the bathroom once more before going to bed.
  • Make sure your child can easily reach the bathroom at night.
  • Make sure to explain clearly (again) to your child not to pee in bed. Many parents assume that he/she already knows, but sometimes that is not the case.
  • Always approach your child in a positive way, your child is not deliberately peeing the bed. So don’t get angry when things go wrong, just say it’s a shame it didn’t work out this particular night. Maybe tomorrow will be better.
  • Reward your child or give him/her compliments if he/she stays dry for a night.
  • Don’t resort back to diapers. If you put a diaper on your child again, it is going to make it harder to get rid of diapers altogether. Your child will not experience that he or she is peeing at night because he or she won’t get wet. Your child is supposed to become aware of it.
  • Be consistent and persevere. If you opt for a certain approach, don’t give up too quickly.

Prevent bedwetting with the bedwetting alarm

Can’t prevent bedwetting with the aforementioned tips? Then it is recommended to use the bedwetting alarm method. If your child is older than four, he or she must also be motivated to get rid of the bedwetting. Often the child will realize that it is an uncomfortable problem as well. From that moment on, training for preventing bedwetting like with the Dryly Bedwetting alarm works best.

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