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We are very proud to be able to share with you that we have come out on top at The website plaswekkervergelijker has compared the different brands (Rodger, Urifoon and Dryly®), at different points with each other.

The various tests the determine how the best bedwetting alarm is chosen

plaswekkervergelijker has several points at which they make a comparison between all the different bedwetting alarms, the different points at which they make the comparison are as follows:

We are proud to announce that we have been able to outperform the competition on all fronts. Dryly®, as a newcomer on the market, is very user friendly and reliable but especially popular with children. Because of the positive approach to the bedwetting problem we know the best way to use our bedwetting alarm to trigger and motivate children. Because the child is more motivated, this has a positive effect on the final result and that means that 92% of the children are potty trained within 6-8 weeks!

Chosen as best bedwetting alarm by

Thousands of satisfied customers already!

Dryly® is a young company, but we are growing very fast thanks to our extensive knowledge and satisfied customers. We have already managed to attract many ambassadors and we are busy putting our product on the map across Europe. For example, we collect reviews via trustpilot in order to share customer experiences honestly and independently. At the moment Dryly® scores a 4,7/5!

The Dryly® Bedwetting alarm reimbursement

A bedwetting alarm can be quite expensive, did you know that most supplementary health insurances reimburse the bedwetting alarm in part or in full? You can always check this with us on the website.

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Now that you have been able to read all the reviews and confirmed once again that Dryly® can make a quick and positive contribution to solving this problem, you probably can’t wait to get started yourself. Order your Dryly® bedwetting alarm here!