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What is bedwetting

What is bedwetting? If a child is the age at which he/she should have good control over the bladder, but still wets the bed, we call that bedwetting. In practice, this happens in children from five and six years old.

Bedwetting occurs in many children and is not as extraordinary as you might think. About 20% of children around six years old suffer from it. Because it is often not talked about much, children (and parents) get the impression that they are on their own. We will change that! We consider the question ‘what is bedwetting’ to be something of the past, and quickly.

Why do children pee the bed?

Specialists are not yet exactly sure why one child wets the bed and the other child does not. The processes behind putting an end to peeing in bed are not yet completely figured out either. We do know that bedwetting is a natural part of the development whereby the body gets to know itself better and better. Little by little, the body gets better control of the bladder and the brain learns better to recognize messages from a full bladder.

Since bedwetting can be passed down genetically, you will see that certain families are more affected than others. If both parents have suffered from bedwetting in the past, there is a 77% chance that the child will suffer from it too!

How do you deal with bedwetting?

It is important to realize that you are not alone! Every night millions of children suffer from bedwetting. Children often feel guilty and powerless. It is important that you explain to your child that this happens to a lot of children and that it will pass. By being able to answer the question ‘what is bedwetting’ in a proper way, you can also clearly tell your child that he or she is not alone.

In many cases your little one finds it difficult to go out for a sleepover because there is a chance that other children will notice that he or she peed the bed. This is very normal and depending on your child, you can determine whether you want to give a little nudge forward or leave it for now.

If your child has an accident in the evening, it is important not to get angry or frustrated. In almost all cases, the child is unable to do much about the situation. However, you can ask your child to help change the bed so that he or she becomes more aware of the consequences. Make it absolutely clear that it is not a punishment, but that this just happens to be part of the process!

When do you call the doctor or specialist?

If there is someone who can give you an answer to the question ‘what is bedwetting’, it is the general practitioner or a specialist. We always advise you to have an open dialogue with your family doctor. He or she has more knowledge and can make certain connections with other challenges your child may have. Although bedwetting is usually not that bad, sometimes there may be more to it. For example, a urinary tract infection, constipation, bladder problems, diabetes or extreme stress may play a role. It’s a good idea to contact your healthcare professional if your child suddenly starts urinating in bed after being dry for at least six months.

What to do about bedwetting?

Now you have an answer to the question ‘what is bedwetting’ but now you also want an answer to the question that follows ‘what is bedwetting,’ you want to know, what can I do about it! The bedwetting alarm has been scientifically proven to be the most effective method against bedwetting in children who have no underlying health problems. It has been proven that over 78% of children are dry for fourteen consecutive days after two months of working with the bedwetting alarm method!

Motivation is an important criteria before you can get started with the bedwetting alarm. A motivated child has a better chance of success. This is why we gave the bedwetting alarm method a positive twist with Wizzu the panda bear and a mobile app that contains a game element. Look in our webshop for more information. You can always call us if you have a question about bedwetting, the bedwetting alarm method or our bedwetting alarm!

What is bedwetting?

You can safely state that bedwetting is seen as a problem and there are many different causes and situations that cause bedwetting to occur and/or not disappear. Fortunately, however, there are methods that do turn the problem into a solution, Dryly offers the ideal solution. If you know the answer to the question ‘what is bedwetting’ you are already quite close to the options for solving the problem. That is why we want to make the answer to the question less taboo subject matter and ensure that everyone knows about it. In that case, you can answer the question ‘what is bedwetting’ and also discuss possible solutions.