Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Dryly values its customers, which is why we are always open to feedback to further improve our service and our product: the Dryly Bedwetting alarm. By staying in close contact with our customers and our test panel, we’re constantly developing our bedwetting solutions even further. With the help of your feedback and the data we receive via the app, we gain more and more insights that enable us to continuously improve our product.

Do you have a general question about our products or did some questions pop up while using them? See if you can find the answer on this page or contact one of our specialists.

Test panel

We are looking for parents with children between 5 and 18 years old who suffer from bed wetting. Whether the child wets the bed once a month or every night doesn’t matter. Even though we’ve done a lot of research already, we ask parents to provide feedback twice a week by e-mail or telephone about their experience using our product.

It is important for the child to understand that bedwetting is undesirable and that he or she is willing to solve the problem.

Parents should be willing to wake up in case of a night-time accident. Supporting the parents is very important for this method to succeed!

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We currently have a test phase of 2 to 4 weeks in mind. The duration of the test phase largely depends on your feedback! If major changes have been made to the mobile application or technology, it’s useful  to be able to verify that the problem has been resolved!

Yes, it’s really free. We only ask for some of your time so can improve our product.

We expect to contact you twice a week on average. We can contact you by email or a phone. It’s  entirely up to you!

With the help of (short) questionnaires we know exactly what to focus on.

You are always welcome to meet us at our office in Scheveningen!

The bedwetting alarm method is the most effective way to get rid of bedwetting if it has no medical cause. If we look at all studies done, the average success rate is 75 to 80 percent over a 3-month period.

Good question, we don’t know yet! However, we do not expect you to make any costs if we should want them back.

We do our utmost to get everything right the first time, but we expect to receive important feedback from a test panel.

Please take into account that you might encounter a bump or two. If you let us know when that happens, we can start to work in fixing it right away!

About bedwetting

When diagnosing bedwetting, a distinction is made between ‘primary bedwetting’ and ‘secondary bedwetting’. If the child has never been ‘dry’ at night since he or she was a baby, we refer to it as primary bedwetting. If the child starts wetting the bed after having had dry nights for a few months, we speak of secondary bedwetting.

Primary bedwetting
The most common reason that a child continues to wet the bed after the age of five is that the brain does not yet properly recognise the stimuli brought on by a full bladder. The bladder sends more signals to the brain as it becomes fuller. If the bladder is at its maximum capacity, it will empty itself to prevent damage to the muscles and nerves.

In a few percent of cases, bedwetting has a medical cause or occurs because a child uses certain medication.

Secondary bedwetting
Secondary bedwetting can be caused by urinary tract infections, diabetes or general illness. Stressful life events, like the death of a loved one or the first day of school can bring about bedwetting as well.

On you can find an interesting article about primary and secondary bed wetting!

There are multiple solutions to bedwetting. Which method suits your child best depends on various factors.

Bedwetting alarm method
This method is most often recommended by family doctors and specialists due to the long-lasting effect. Usually bedwetting cannot be eradicated on day one, it’s a training method that is supposed to achieve a certain result.

The advantage of medication is that it is effective immediately. The kidneys stop producing urine. This is useful if your child will be spending the weekend away, on a school trip for example. However, medication doesn’t take away the cause of the problem. If the child stops taking it, chances are that he or she will start wetting the bed again.

Around 11 percent of bedwetting children are spontaneously cured annually. The child suddenly ‘gets it’ and picks up the signals of a full bladder. We strongly advise against this method because over time, the self-image of a child can be seriously affected. Bedwetting children go for sleepovers less often and feel very limited.

More than 95 percent of all children who suffer from primary bedwetting can be helped with the Dryly bedwetting alarm method.

We advise to take children who have a medical problem or recently went through a stressful life to the doctor first.

We see that it usually takes a very long time before a family doctor refers children to a specialist. Because the bedwetting method has no side effects, we recommend that you just give it a try. Chances are that it will help your child enormously!

We know how annoying bedwetting can be for both the child and the parents. That is why we have developed a unique method based on the scientifically proven bed-wetting method.

Wizzu the Panda Bear takes your child on an adventure with games, a smile and a high hug!

As a parent you often only find out in the morning that your child had an accident. Many children are embarrassed and don’t tell you, so you only find out in the evening!

Through our handy mobile application you will immediately receive a signal on your phone if an accident occurs. You can also share this information with your doctor so that they immediately have a good insight into the bedwetting behavior of your child. That could save you a few visits!

Sometimes a child starts wetting the bed again after you stop using the bedwetting alarm. You might’ve stopped too early, or maybe your child is going through a stressful time. An incorrect bedtime routines can also cause relapse. Read all about our tips and tricks with regard to bedtime routines here!

We’ve noticed that it is relatively easy to get the bladder control back on track if the child has succeeded before.

Reimbursement by health insurance

The Dryly bedwetting alarm is not covered by the basic insurance, but many health insurers cover it from their supplementary packages. The reimbursement can vary considerably per health insurance plan. The average reimbursement is around €100,-, but often the full amount is covered! has written a handy article in which they list the coverage per health insurer.

We are happy to help you request reimbursement!

Dryly has made agreements with almost all health insurers in the Netherlands and Belgium. By doing this, we’ve increased the chance that your health insurer will bear part of the costs.

If you have multiple children, please be aware that most health insurers reimburse only one bedwetting alarm per policy.

We’ve drawn up a handy overview in which you can check whether your health insurer reimburses the Dryly bedwetting alarm! click here

Health insurers all have their own rules with regard to submitting the costs of a bedwetting alarm. Select your health insurer on our special page so we can help you fill in the correct forms!

That depends on your health insurer! A referral is often needed. Check here if your health insurer requires one.

That’s a shame. We do our best to keep the price of the Dryly bedwetting alarm as low as possible. We often see that parents will gladly bear the costs of the bedwetting alarm themselves if that means they can get a good night’s sleep again.

Feel free to browse our webshop. You can start the adventure towards dry nights for only €149,-!

How the Dryly bedwetting alarm works

When it is time to go to bed, the child puts on the Dryly underwear with the Dryly Clip attached. In case of a night-time accident, the Clip sends a signal to Wizzu the Panda Bear.

Wizzu is an unbelievably soft cuddly toy full of smart technology! At the first hint of wetness, Wizzu makes a noise that immediately wakes the child up. This teaches the child to recognise the feeling of a full bladder.

In addition to making a sound, Wizzu uses the Wi-Fi network to immediately send a message to the mobile application installed on the parents’ phone. The parents can then send the child to the bathroom to finish peeing and if necessary have the child put on a new pair of briefs. Parental support is crucial in making the bedwetting alarm method succeed.

Our friendly soft toy and underwear with fun designs really motivate the child to fight bedwetting. The parents are immediately alerted in case of a night-time accident and can offer their support.

The only thing you have to do is order the Dryly Starter package – we will make sure your child has fun using it! With this starter package you are all set to start battling bedwetting in a positive way together with your child.

The package includes Wizzu, an adorable panda full of innovative gadgets who’s every child’s friend. You will also receive two sensor briefs with sensor wires in the bottom that detect moisture. One pair of briefs is more colourful while the other is more discrete. The Dryly Clip, which sends a signal to Wizzu in case of an accident, can be attached to the briefs. Wizzu uses sound to wake your child up and immediately sends an alert to the parents’ mobile app via the Wi-Fi network.

The Dryly Starter package contains:

  • 2 Dryly Briefs
  • Wizzu, the interactive panda
  • 1 Dryly Hub
  • 1 Dryly Clip
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android

Sure! If your child goes for a sleepover, Wizzu can just come along. In that situation, Wizzu does not send a message to the app, but does wake your child up to pee!

Once Wizzu is connected to his trusted network once again, he immediately updates your calendar with the dry and wet nights that he has experienced while offline.

Yes, the briefs can be ordered here. Each pack contains 2 briefs. The briefs don’t have to be connected to the Dryly bedwetting alarm. It is convenient to have a few more briefs handy so that you don’t have to do any extra rounds of laundry.

Wizzu can certainly be ordered separately. He does like to be ‘paired’ (connected) with the Dryly Clip, so that the Dryly Clip knows where to send signals when it the briefs are getting wet.

We have created a handy troubleshoot page here. If you can’t figure it out yourself, you can always call us. We aim to provide a high level of service!

The results vary greatly per child. We see that most children achieve results after 3 to 8 weeks. If nothing has changed after 3 months, we recommend you contact your doctor.

Call us! We may have useful advice that you have not yet thought of!