What is a bedwetting alarm

What is a bedwetting alarm is a question we often see people ask. Most children are potty-trained around the age of four or five, but that often doesn’t happen overnight. When kids still wet their beds after the age of five, you’re officially describing bedwetting

In addition to the fact that bedwetting is both awkward and causes many restless nights, children themselves can also suffer from it a great deal. Picture being teased about it or your child having reduced self-confidence! It is always a good idea to contact your doctor to do something about it.

The doctor often asks you to keep a bedwetting journal so that they can gain a better understanding of the problem. If it turns out that the problem has no medical cause, a bedwetting alarm is usually advised. But what is a bedwetting alarm? We tell you all about it!

Answer to the question, what is a bedwetting alarm?

The bedwetting alarm method is scientifically proven to be the most effective way to help your child get rid of bedwetting. Research shows that 77% of participants are dry for 14 consecutive days in 3 months.

In most cases, the child does not wake up to signals from the full bladder. This is because the brain does not give these signals sufficient priority which prevents the child from waking up.

If you use the bedwetting alarm, your child puts on underpants that detect moisture. If the child starts urinating in his or her sleep because the bladder can’t take it anymore, an alarm sound goes off. By waking up when the bladder is full, the child learns to recognize the signals of a full bladder.

If you repeat this exercise enough, the brain becomes more and more receptive to the signal and you help your child get rid of bedwetting!


Stopping bedwetting in a fun way

Everyone agrees, the bedwetting alarm is extremely effective. But it takes more than that. One of the most important conditions for success with the bedwetting alarm is that the child is motivated to stay dry.

This can be quite a difficult task because there are a lot of negative emotions attached to bedwetting. We saw this first-hand and have therefore developed a positive concept so that your child can deal with it with a smile!

Wizzu the panda bear is looking for friends to become dry with. With his incredibly soft coat, cuddling with him is a real treat. The cutely designed bedwetting underwear with sensor are fun to put on and nothing to be ashamed of! When your child wets the bed, Wizzu produces a noise so your child wakes up.

Parents also get instant notification on their mobile phone through our special app. This allows you to support your child and have a new pair of underwear ready to put on after they are done peeing.

Your child earns points with every night that they use the bedwetting alarm and then can dress Wizzu in all sorts of cool accessories. This way your child will be motivated to become dry in a fun way!

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