Proven method with an innovative, new design

Dryly was founded by the mother of a child that struggled with bedwetting. After having used multiple products, she came to the conclusion that there is nothing wrong with the bedwetting alarm method and thecare providers involved, but that the current offer is hopelessly outdated.

This is beginning to change.

Insight into behaviour and therapy compliance

The mobile application enables users to recognise patterns at a glance and shows whether the bedwetting method has the desired effect. It also registers whether the child adhered to his or her ‘bedtime ritual’. The child and the parent must confirm that the child went for a pee just before bedtime, for example.

  • Dry and wet nights
  • Moment of bedwetting
  • Link between bedwetting and mood
  • Degree to which extent the bedtime ritual is adhered to
  • Insight into whether the therapy is being applied according to the agreed upon frequency

We are working on a function that allows parents (in accordance with privacy legislation) to send a report to their health-care provider.

Positive and motivating approach

Bedwetting is an unpleasant problem that can cause children to experience a lower quality of life. The bedwetting alarm method is ideally suited to transform into an amazing adventure towards dry nights!
Wizzu the Panda Bear is a wonderfully soft toy full of innovative technology. The star of the adventure is Wizzu who’s determined to help children stay dry at night. The mobile application awards the child points based on commitment (not on result) that can be used to customise Wizzu with fun accessories.

The combination of a physical soft toy that wakes the child up and the possibility to play fun games through the mobile app, will make the child almost forget that it is solving a problem!

Parent support

Parents have the best for their child, but it is often difficult to concentrate on one child. With the mobile application we give a notification when it is bedtime. The parents see which steps they should take in the ‘sleep ritual’ and check them off piece by piece.

Through the app we give parents advice about the do’s and don’ts with regard to bedwetting. This gives parents more control of the situation and allows for better management of therapy compliance.

Developed together with general practitioners, urologists and urotherapists

We attach great value to health-care providers’ knowledge about bedwetting, which is why we actively seek partnerships with all health-care who have bedwetting as their area of expertise.

There is no better compliment than when a health-care provider chooses to be an ambassador of our product!

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