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Is the bedwetting alarm covered by base insurance?

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What many parents may not know is that the use of a bedwetting alarm is often reimbursed by insurers in many cases. Our Dryly® bedwetting alarmis fully or partially reimbursed by the insurer in many cases.

Because insurance companies draw up their own policies, we want to give you a hand. We have reviewed the policy conditions of the following insurers and can submit the claim for you. Select your health insurance company below and view the corresponding reimbursement.

Will the bedwetting alarm be reimbursed by the healthcare insurer in 2019?

The bedwetting alarm is a medical device to get rid of bedwetting. The bedwetting alarm method is an important and proven method that is often recommended by the general practitioner or specialists.

It is a product that is available through both the medical channel and ordinary outlets. That way you can decide for yourself how you want to get it. If you prefer to have a doctor prescribe it for you, you can do so. But you can also have it delivered the next day through a webshop.

For some health insurers, it is important that there is an indication that the person wets the bed before proceeding with reimbursement. In this case, it can certainly be worthwhile to see the doctor.

Is the bedwetting alarm covered by base insurance?

No, the bedwetting alarm is seen as a medical device and is not reimbursed by the base insurance. Most insurers do cover this product under certain supplementary insurances. The bedwetting alarm is often reimbursed in the case of additional packages aimed at young families!

There are considerable differences per health insurer in the extent to which the bedwetting alarm is reimbursed. Read what your health insurer does and does not reimburse. It may occur that a health insurance company covers the underwear up to a maximum number of items.

Most also make a distinction in buying or renting the system. Depending on the family situation and dynamics, it may be more convenient to buy or rent one. If you rent for 4 months, the price would be about the same as if you bought a bedwetting alarm. So at that point it doesn’t matter.

Reimbursement when buying a bedwetting alarm

Does your child have problems with bedwetting and are you considering buying a bedwetting alarm? Then you’re not alone. The vast majority of users opt to buy the bedwetting alarm. The extent to which the bedwetting alarm is reimbursed varies greatly from one health insurer to another. Read what your health insurance company does and does not reimburse. It often occurs that a health insurance company covers the underwear up to a maximum number of items.

Most health insurances reimburse around €100,- and €170,- from the supplementary insurance. Please note that they only do this once during the entire contract period. If the bedwetting alarm breaks or is lost, it will not be reimbursed.

Reimbursement when renting a bedwetting alarm

If your child has repeatedly failed in getting rid of bedwetting, or is a very deep sleeper, it may be a good idea to rent the bedwetting alarm.

When renting a bedwetting alarm, the health insurance company reimburses between 3 and 4 months’ rent. Check with your health insurance company to see if they cover the underwear as well. That will quickly save you tens of euros!

The overview of 2019

We have been in contact with all health insurance companies to be able to offer you all information in one place. Click on your health insurance provider to see the policy regarding bedwetting alarms.