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A bedwetting alarm is a method based on waking up your child when he/she wets the bed. But how does a bedwetting alarm work exactly? The function of the bedwetting alarm is to ensure that your child actually wakes up at night. The Dryly® bedwetting alarm consists of special sensor underwear and an alarm system. Whenever the Dryly® underwear becomes wet, an alarm will go off in both your and your child’s mobile app.

The most important condition for good use is that the child has a strong motivation to stop bedwetting. As a parent you must also realise that your support (also at night) is crucial. How does the bedwetting alarm work? Read more about on this page and we will explain it to you in detail.

The Dryly® bedwetting alarm

How does a bedwetting alarm work?

    1. The first step is to put on the Dryly® underwear. We’ve designed the sensor underwear so that it both fits well and is fun to put on because of the happy prints.
    2. Click the transmitter on the press studs of the Dryly® underwear. Put on the pajama pants over them.
    3. Put your child to bed with a fixed bedtime ritual. In the Dryly® app, we give you an example of a good bedtime ritual to both allow your child to urinate properly and relax.
    4. In the app you will find a movie about the how a bedwetting alarm works, watch it regularly with your child. That way your child understands the operation of the bedwetting alarm.
    5. If your child wets the bed at night, your app will set off an alarm. Turn the alarm off and walk to your child. The bedwetting alarm also goes off in your child’s Wizzu.
    6. Let your child pee on the toilet and put on a new pair of sensor pants. Change the bed if necessary.

    A new cycle starts again!

    The essence behind the question ‘how does a bedwetting alarm work’ is that your child starts actively working on becoming dry at night. Your child should go to sleep with the idea: “Wizzu wakes me up tonight and then I jump out of my bed to pee”.