How does it work?

Our method of bedwetting

A bedwetting alarm is an effective way to tackle bedwetting, but how does it work? Your child puts on a special pair of briefs that are connected to our mobile app and a receiver that is hidden in Wizzu the panda. The receiver can be used separately for older children. Both the panda and the mobile app work as an alarm: Wizzu for your child and the mobile app for you, as a parent. This gives you insight into when and how often your child pees per night. The app lets you know exactly when your child is wetting the bed and to go help him/ her! As soon as the briefs get wet, both alarms go off. Your child will be conditioned to wake up from a full bladder. The bedwetting alarm method is a form of training.

Steun van ouders aan kinderen is cruciaal voor het slagen van de methode. Daarom geven wij via de mobiele app inzicht in het gedrag van je kindje. Wizzu moet echt het vriendje worden, dat jouw kind steunt in het proces van droog worden.

How does it work?

Before you start using the Dryly bedwetting alarm, you set up the mobile app together with your child. A fun and motivating process, because Wizzu plays the lead role in the app. You enter the name, age and gender of your son or daughter into the app to enable it to optimally help you and your child achieve dry nights.

Explain to your child what is expected of him/ her. The first evening, he or she should practice putting on and taking off the briefs and turning the receiver on and off (the panda). Together with urologists, we have developed a special bed-time ritual for your child.

  • The Dryly ritual is very important, the app helps you adhere to it. Follow the instructions in the app and start the night off well!
  • If the panda goes off at night, go to your child’s bedroom and turn on the lights. Wait until your child turns off the sound and goes to the toilet. Compliment your child if this goes well, both at that moment and the next morning.
  • If it takes longer than three minutes for your child to turn off the panda, gently wake him/ her up. Let your child go to the bathroom without praising him/ her. Pay no attention to your child being wet. Your child should wake up from the sound of Wizzu (and not from the parents).
  • If your child wakes up from the sound of the panda, the night was successful. For this your child will be awarded points in the mobile app. With those points he/ she can buy fun gadgets for Wizzu.
  • The bedwetting method will not solve the bedwetting problem right away, but it should start off a positive trend–  whereby the child will wet him/ her bed less and less often.