93% are potty trained in 6 to 8 weeks!

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Individual products

If you start with the Dryly® bedwetting alarm method, you may want to order an extra mattress protector or other separate products. Check out our range of individual products on this page.

Why the Dryly®️ bedwetting alarm?

93% are dry within 6-8 weeks
Motivating the gaming element for your child
Comfortable underwear with fun prints
Insight into bedwetting behaviour in the bedwetting app

Individual products at Dryly.com

Dryly offers you the solution against bedwetting using our unique bedwetting alarm method. The Dryly bedwetting alarm distinguishes itself from all other bedwetting alarm brands on the market through its positive approach and approach to the problem. Because of our positive approach we know how to motivate your child better, which means that we come up with a solution faster on average.

Our product range

In addition to our bedwetting alarms and the corresponding bedwetting alarm underwear, we also have a number of other products from our bedwetting alarm packages which we also offer separately. Of course, it can always happen that you need a replacement, for your grandparents for example or because something has broken. These individual products that we offer can be found on this page. We will tell you more about this below.

The Dryly® mattress protector

One of the unpleasant consequences of bedwetting is that the mattress may smell of urine and become stained. With the Dryly Mattress Protector you have an extra layer of protection to keep your mattress in good condition. That way you have one less thing to worry about if an accident does happen! Our matress protector is a waterproof 90×200 cm cover that protects your mattress from moisture and stains.

The Wizzu panda bear

Wizzu the panda bear is an essential part of the Dryly bedwetting alarm. With his warm appearance he helps children to deal with bedwetting in a positive way. In the back of Wizzu there is a zipper in which we can place the Dryly receiver.

The Dryly® bedwetting alarm transmitter

The Dryly bedwetting alarm transmitter is the separate component that you can attach to the bedwetting alarm pants when your child goes to bed. The transmitter sends a signal to the receiver when it detects moisture in the pants. Unfortunately, it can happen that parents throw the bedwetting alarm transmitter in the laundry along with the pants in all the commotion. Should this happen to you, you can, of course, always order them separately.

The Dryly® bedwetting alarm receiver

The Dryly Bedwetting alarm receiver is the brain of our bedwetting alarm method. It ensures that your child wakes up if there is an accident. By playing an alarm signal, your child wakes up and can quickly go to the toilet to finishing peeing. Shaking will turn off the alarm sound.