Bedwetting alarm parts

On this page you will find all separate bedwetting alarm components of the Dryly® bedwetting alarm. Are you looking for a new/extra transmitter , receiver or, for example, a charger? Then order these here, so that you are well prepared for your adventure to dry nights!

Why the Dryly®️ bedwetting alarm?

93% are dry within 6-8 weeks
Motivating the gaming element for your child
Comfortable underwear with fun prints
Insight into bedwetting behaviour in the bedwetting app

Dryly Bedwetting alarm parts

It is always possible that one of the bedwetting alarm parts becomes defective for whatever reason. On this page you will find the separate parts, such as the transmitter, the receiver and the charger, which are partly responsible for the performance of our unique bedwetting alarm! We understand that there can be many reasons why you may want to order Dryly hardware (transmitter or receiver) separately. We often hear that the dog has run off with it or the transmitter has accidentally been put in the washing machine.

To give you the best experience, we use the most reliable technology available.

The Dryly® bedwetting alarm receiver

The bedwetting alarm receiver is responsible for communication between the transmitter and your home network. If an accident happens, the receiver will receive a message from the transmitter. The receiver makes a sound so that your child wakes up and stops peeing.

At the same time, the receiver sends a message over your Wi-Fi network to the Dryly app on your mobile phone. That way you can be sure that you wake up and give your child the best possible support.

Charging the receiver is easy! The built-in battery is charged by connecting the included micro-usb cable. You’ll be up and running again in a few hours!

The installation of the receiver takes only a few minutes. Just switch on the app and follow the instructions.

Dryly® Bedwetting alarm transmitter

The small round bedwetting alarm transmitter ensures that your child can go to bed with confidence. By attaching the transmitter to the bedwetting alarm underwear with two snaps, it is able to detect when your child pees. As soon as this happens, the bedwetting alarm transmitter sends a message to the receiver so that your child can be woken up!

The transmitter’s battery lasts long enough to make it through the entire bedwetting alarm method. In case the battery runs out, unscrew the cover and replace the button cell battery.

If you have purchased a new bedwetting alarm transmitter, you can easily connect it to your receiver. Instructions on how to do this are in the app!

The Dryly® Bedwetting alarm charger

Have you lost your bedwetting alarm charger? Order the Dryly Charger so that you can charge the Dryly Bedwetting alarm receiver with the right strength! That way your child is ready to go.

An average charge takes one and a half hours to reach 100 per cent.

How does Dryly® work exactly?

Our bedwetting alarm is based on the scientifically proven bedwetting alarm method. Research shows that the bedwetting alarm is the most effective method to prevent bedwetting. As many as 93% of our users are dry within 6 to 8 weeks.

It is important that the child is motivated in a positive way. It is also vital that parents offer support! It is very important for the success of the method that you, as a parent/caregiver, also support your child by waking them up at night when the alarm goes off.

Dryly® helps you to wake up through our mobile bedwetting alarm app. Also in the app you will find the statistics and the bedwetting diary that is automatically kept.

Approved according to the strictest CE standards

We are parents ourselves and want the best for our children. That’s why we have all Dryly® products fully CE approved to meet the most stringent safety standards. This includes the Dryly bedwetting alarm charger. The Dryly® bedwetting alarm transmitter uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology. This signal is very weak compared to Wi-Fi or the cellular network. On the one hand, this helps to increase battery life and, on the other, it is nice to know that it is safe to use.

Innovative and Scientifically Proven

The effectiveness of the bedwetting alarm method has been proven many times over throughout the world. In the Netherlands as well, extensive research has been carried out into bedwetting and the bedwetting alarm method with the help of the independent research organisation TNO. Studies show that the bedwetting alarm method has a direct positive effect on 77% of users. To date, we have been able to help 93% of our users get rid of the bedwetting within 8 weeks with the Dryly bedwetting alarm.

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