Sensor underwear

The sensor underwear are a very important part of the bedwetting alarm method. Your child puts on the Dryly® sensor pants at night and then the Dryly® transmitter is clicked onto that. When an accident occurs, the alarm goes off and a signal is sent to the mobile application. This way, both the parent(s) and the child are woken up to take the child to the bathroom quickly.

Underwear has to look fun!

When we started using Dryly®, the first thing we said to each other was; ” the underwear should be fun to put on and very comfortable. It should not be a punishment to put on the sensor underwear, but a positive step. When my son was using the bedwetting alarm method  (and Dryly® didn’t exist yet) that was one of the things he had problems with. He did not like putting on the sensor underwear there was at that time!

The design of our sensor underwear

Before we started designing the sensor underpants we conducted research among 100 parents. We asked them what they liked about their children’s underwear and what was important to them when buying children’s underwear. Based on these results we started looking for good materials and models for our sensor underwear.

In designing the Dryly® sensor pants we involved these parents and their children in choosing the prints. They overwhelmingly chose our fun Wizzu prints. So, that is what we went with! At Dryly®, everything revolves around the positive sensations for the children!

When designing the sensor underwear we also found it very important that the sensor underwear would be made of organic cotton. But we also consider it very important that the working conditions of the hard workers who make the sensor underwear are good as well. So we visited our factory and we were pleasantly surprised. The factory was very tidy and the conditions were very good. The production of the Dryly® sensor underwear could get started!

Before we chose the material for the underwear, we bought a lot of different kinds of underwear ourselves and let the children try them on. We used the models they liked most as an example. The sensor underwear are made from 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane. This ensures that the sensor underpants is secure, but still moves with your child. It is very important that the sensor underwear is comfortable to wear because it should feel good for children to wear the underwear.

The fit of the Dryly® Sensor underwear

The fit of the sensor underpants is such that it feels really comfortable to wear. For example, there is no seam in front to minimize skin irritation. Because the fabric of the sensor underpants is thick and firm, the underpants also fit well around the legs and buttocks.

We get a lot of questions from people who are wondering what size to buy for the sensor underpants. We recommend that you buy your child’s normal clothing size. Dryly® sensor underwear is not larger or smaller in size than normal underwear.

The sensor underpants contain special yarns that change resistance when your child gets wet. These threads come together at the push buttons, which sends the signal back to the transmitter. These threads are incorporated in the sensor underpants your child cannot feel them.

The sensor underwear can be washed at 60 degrees Celcius (140 Fahrenheit) and can be tumble dried.

If you have any further questions about the Dryly® sensor underwear, you can always contact us by email at or call our customer service at 085 130 34 35. We are open every day from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm.