Ordering a Bedwetting alarm from Dryly®

Order bedwetting alarm

Do you have a kid who still wets the bed? Ordering a bedwetting alarm through our webshop is easy! We have carefully selected three different  starter kits for you to work with. Below you can see the differences so you can make the right choice.

ProductenPlaswekker pakket
Plaswekker pakket
Plaswekker pakket
Super Hero
Dryly Transmitter
Dryly Receiver
Wizzy (Panda soft toy)
Dryly Charger
Underwear plain (2-pack)
Underwear Wizzu(2-pack)
Mattress Protectors
You save: € 59,96€ 66,95€ 88,94

Our delivery times

You can order our bedwetting alarm 24 hours a day. If you order before 17:00 on working days, you will have the starter pack the next day. We use the trusted PostNL, this ensures proper handling of your package.

When we send the Dryly® bedwetting alarm you will also receive a track & trace code so you know exactly where your package is!

Shipping costs

Shipping costs are €4.95 for orders within the Netherlands and Belgium. Shipping is free for orders over €45,-. For all other European countries a shipping rate of €7,95 applies and shipping costs are waived with an order value over €75,-.

Our payment options

To make it as easy as possible for you, you can order the bedwetting alarm using the usual payment methods. Did you know that more than 80% of online payments are made through iDeal? In addition to iDeal you can also pay with PayPal in our webshop. Ordering a bedwetting alarm has never been easier.

Track your order

As soon as we have sent your order you will receive a confirmation email. This email contains a link to follow your package. Didn’t receive an email or does the tracking code not work? Please contact customer service in those cases.

Reimbursement by your health insurance company

Although the bedwetting alarm is not included in the basic insurance, it is often covered by your supplementary insurance. We have created a practical page where you can see if your health insurance reimburses the bedwetting alarm. Would you like to order a bedwetting alarm and immediately submit a reimbursement? With the smart function in our webshop you can immediately submit your claim.

Why order a bedwetting alarm from Dryly®?

In addition to our fantastic concept with Wizzu the pandabear and a great mobile app, we also have a fantastic service! You can always call our customer service if you have any questions about using the bedwetting alarm, advice about bedwetting or questions about your order.

Our staff is passionate about helping parents deal with bedwetting. Bedwetting is unpleasant, but can be handled with good guidance!

Hoe does the Dryly® bedwetting alarm work

The bedwetting alarm method is an effective way of tackling bedwetting. How does it work? Your child puts on special Dryly® underwear that is connected via a Transmitter to our mobile app and to the Receiver that is hidden in Wizzu (panda toy). For older children, the receiver can be used separately. Both the panda and the mobile app work as an alarm. Wizzu for your child and the mobile app for you as a parent.

This gives you insight into when and how often your child pees per night. So you know exactly when your child wets the bed and you can help him/her! As soon as the pants get wet, both alarms go off. This way, your child will train to wake up from a full bladder. The bedwetting alarm method is really a training method.

When do you use the bedwetting alarm method?

In the Netherlands, bedwetting is seen as a problem when your child is 6 years or older. Some parents want to tackle the problem a year earlier. As long as your child does not experience negative pressure, it is no problem to work together.

We recommend choosing a quiet period where you can be sure that you don’t have any ‘exciting’ activities for a couple of weeks. These could upset your child. Things to consider are moving, transitioning to a new class, or starting a new sport.

Our panda bear Wizzu is always looking for new friends. It can often help to buy our bedwetting alarm package a few days earlier so your child can get used to the idea. The soft fur of the supplied panda bear will give you a smile and a smooth start!