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The Dryly Mattress protector, a waterproof cover to prolong the lifespan of your mattress!

One of the annoying consequences of bedwetting is a mattress with unpleasant odours and hard-to-remove stains. Our Dryly Mattress Protector forms an extra protective layer to keep your mattress in good condition. The bottom of our mattress protector features an extra breathable PU coating and the top is made of 100% organic cotton. On less thing to worry about in case of a night-time accident!

The Dryly Matress protector is made of soft and breathable organic cotton

dryly gots katoen

We use GOTS certified organic cotton, which is softer and more breathable than “normal” cotton. Its fibers are not weakened by chemicals and the cotton stays soft for longer! We use this amazing cotton in our Dryly briefs as well!

In the production of organic cotton, the crop is naturally protected against insects by, for example, butterflies. This has a lower impact on the environment. It is a win-win situation!

Anti-slip fit

Because of its strong elastic corners, you can be sure that the Dryly mattress protector stays in place. An often heard complaint from our customers about other brands is that the mattress has become wet despite using a mattress protector. Because children move around a lot in their sleep, low-quality mattress protectors can come loose. We have tested our mattress protector extensively with our own children (who also move quite a bit in their sleep) and it stays put!

Washing instructions

The Dryly Mattress protector can be washed at 60 degrees Celsius for optimal hygiene. Of course you can put the mattress protector in the dryer as well. Make sure to dry it at low temperature to prevent the PU coating from being damaged.


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