Dryly Transmitter

This is the Dryly Transmitter that should be connected to the underwear and the Dryly Receiver that triggers the activation of both the soft toy and the app.


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Dryly Transmitter for Dryly underwear

The Dryly Transmitter for Dryly underwear is an important part of the Dryly bedwetting method. There are two press studs near the top edge of the Dryly underwear. By attaching the Dryly Transmitter to the briefs or shorts, it will come into contact with the sensors in the Dryly underwear. When the underwear gets wet, the small device sends a signal to the Dryly receiver which is hidden in Wizzu the panda. Wizzu wakes the child and immediately sends the parents a message via the mobile application.

A fun way to tackle bedwetting

We believe that bedwetting children should not be burdened with clinical-looking products that only evoke further stress.
Be honest, looking at this cute underwear with transmitter, would you have guessed that they are part of an innovative product to fight bedwetting?

To guarantee a comfortable fit, we have developed separate underwear lines for boys and girls.

When designing the briefs, we paid careful attention to the curves and characteristics of the body. We recommend you use the Dryly sensor underwear that is specifically made for your child’s gender, but if you or your child decide otherwise the system still works fine.

Long battery life

The battery of the Dryly Transmitter should last up to 6 months. This gives your child enough time to go on adventure with Wizzu! More than 85 percent of children who follow the bedwetting alarm method become dry within 3 months. If there is no noticeable result within 3 months, we advise you to contact your healthcare provider again. To protect the transmitter, we have ultrasonically welded its casing together.

Approved according to the strictest CE standards

Image result for ce keurmerkWe are parents ourselves and naturally, we want the best for our children. That is why all Dryly products have been fully CE tested to meet the strictest safety standards. The Dryly Transmitter uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology. This signal is very weak compared to the Wi-Fi or the telephone network. This saves battery life and is very safe to use.

Innovation and scientific proof

Image result for tnoThe effectiveness of the bedwetting alarm method has been proven many times all over the world. Extensive research
regarding bedwetting and the bedwetting alarm method has also been carried out in the Netherlands by the independent research organisation TNO. Studies show that the bedwetting alarm method has a direct positive effect in 85% of users.

Washing instructions

Although we used ultrasonic welding to make the casing as watertight as possible, we do not recommend letting the Dryly Transmitter come into contact with too much water. Use a damp cloth or a little alcohol to clean it.


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