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Bedwetting alarm reimbursement Netherlands

Does your health insurance company reimburse the bedwetting alarm?

If you have supplemental insurance the bedwetting alarm is often reimbursed by many health insurers, either fully or partially. Are you curious if this also applies in your case? Then look here to see if you qualify for the reimbursement of your bedwetting alarm !

Bedwetting alarm reimbursement Netherlands

What is unknown to many parents is that the use of a bedwetting alarm is often reimbursed by insurers. Our Dryly® bedwetting alarm is often fully or partially reimbursed by insurance companies.

Since insurers draw up their own policies, we will help you make sense of things. We have examined the policy conditions of the following insurers and can submit the claim for you. Select your health insurer below and see the corresponding bedwetting alarm reimbursement Netherlands.

Will the bedwetting alarm be reimbursed by your health insurance company?

The bedwetting alarm is a medical device to get rid of bedwetting. The bedwetting alarm method is an important and proven method that is often recommended by the general practitioner or specialist.

It is a product that is available both through the medical channels and through ‘normal’ stores. This way you can decide for yourself how to get it. If you prefer to have it prescribed by a GP, you can do so. But you can also have it delivered the very next day through an online store.

For some health insurers, it is important that there is an indication that the person wets the bed before any reimbursement will be made. In this case, it may be worthwhile to visit your GP.

Is the bedwetting alarm covered by basic insurance?

Nee, de plaswekke

No, the bedwetting alarm is considered a medical device and is not covered by the basic insurance. However, with most insurers this product is covered by certain supplementary insurance policies. Especially for supplementary packages aimed at young families, the bedwetting alarm is often reimbursed!

The extent to which the bedwetting alarm is reimbursed varies considerably between health insurers. You should therefore read what your health insurer does and does not reimburse. It often happens that a health insurer covers the underwear up to a maximum number of articles.

Most also make a distinction between buying or renting the system. Depending on the family situation and its dynamic, it may be more convenient to buy or rent one. At 4 months of renting, the price is about the same as buying a bedwetting alarm. So it really does not matter.

r wordt gezien als medisch hulpmiddel en wordt niet door de basisverzekering vergoed. Bij de meeste verzekeraars valt dit product wel onder bepaalde aanvullende verzekeringen. Vooral bij aanvullende pakketten die gericht zijn op jonge gezinnen wordt de plaswekker vaak vergoedt!

Per zorgverzekeraar zijn er flinke verschillen in welke mate de plaswekker wordt vergoed. Lees daarom wat uw zorgverzekeraar wél en niet vergoedt. Zo gebeurt het vaak dat een zorgverzekeraar het ondergoed tot een maximaal aantal stuks dekt.

Ook maken de meeste een onderscheid in het kopen of huren van het systeem. Afhankelijk van de gezinssituatie en -dynamiek kan het handiger zijn er een te kopen of te huren. Bij 4 maanden huren komt de prijs ongeveer gelijk als dat een plaswekker gekocht zou worden. Het is dus om het even.

Reimbursement when buying a bedwetting alarm

Does your child suffer from bedwetting and are you considering buying a bedwetting alarm? If so, you are not alone. The vast majority of users choose to buy the bedwetting alarm. The extent to which the bedwetting alarm is reimbursed varies considerably between health insurers. You should therefore read what your health insurer does and does not reimburse. It often happens that a health insurer covers the underwear up to a maximum number of articles.

Most health insurers reimburse between €100 and €170 from the supplementary insurance. However, please note that they only do so once during the entire contract period. If the bedwetting alarm is damaged or lost, it will no longer be reimbursed.

Order the Dryly Bedwetting Alarm today!

The Dryly® bedwetting alarm is newer, more modern and above all more fun than those of our competitors. The Dryly® bedwetting alarm is exclusively available on our website. We would love to tell you more about our bedwetting alarm.

Proven most Effective

A lot of scientific research has been done on bedwetting. A Dutch study conducted in cooperation with TNO shows that a large percentage of children are struggling with bedwetting. A study from 2005 (Glazener) shows that after 2 months 66% of the participants were dry for 14 consecutive nights. For the control group this was only 4%. Another study from 2005 (Leerdam) shows that in 3 months, 85,5% of the 241 participating children were dry for 28 consecutive nights.

Dryly®’s positive approach has a proven effect on the turnaround time of the potty training method. Currently, 93% of our users are potty trained within 6-8 weeks.


We often hear from family doctors and urologists that the process takes a lot longer because parents do not have enough accurate information about their child’s bedwetting behavior. Before going to bed, Wizzu helps you with a step-by-step sleeping ritual to increase the chances of a dry night.

In the Dryly® bedwetting alarm app all important information ( nightly results, time of day, therapy compliance) is displayed in a clear way so that you, but also your GP or urotherapist, can easily recognize a pattern.

Good insight prevents a lot of lost time in a medical follow-up process!

Motivation & Acceptance

Bedwetting is already frustrating enough for the child. Nobody wants to be confronted with it in an unpleasant way.

Dryly® gives your child intrinsic motivation to address the problem. Because of the positive interaction with Wizzu and earning Wizzucoin based on effort, a large part of the negativity is removed from the experience.

And be honest, who could resist such a cuddly panda Wizzu like Wizzu!?

Ease of use

Waking up in the middle of the night with a child at your bedside and writing down the time on a printed A4 sheet? Many parents either forget to write something down or have lost the sheet altogether.

There is a different way! Everything is neatly registered in the Dryly® App, which means you can just focus on your child. We will take care of the rest for you. Through a self-learning algorithm we are able to give you advice that fits your child’s pattern.