Size chart

The sizing of our Dryly bedwetting alarm underwear is comparable to the sizing of underwear from most other European brands. So you can keep the size that you usually have. To be sure of your size, you can look at the size chart below for our bedwetting alarm underwear.

Bedwetting alarm underwear size chart

In the table below you can see the size table of the Dryly® bedwetting alarm underwear. We have added the EU sizes here, but also the FR, UK and USA sizes.

In addition to comparing the sizes with the ages, we have also added the measurements of the Waist and the 1/2 waist. If you want to measure the waist of your current underwear, you can do this by laying your underwear flat and measuring the length above the underwear as shown in the image on the left.

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Dryly - plaswekker - ondergoed - maattabel3
LeeftijdEUFR / AnsUKUSATaille (cm)1/2 Waist
3 – 4 jaar98 – 1043A – 4A98 – 104450 – 5722
5 – 6 jaar110 – 1165A – 6A110 – 116655 – 6023
7 – 8 jaar122 – 1287A – 8A122 – 128S57 – 6324
9 – 10 jaar134 – 1409A – 10A134 – 140M62 – 6826
11 – 12 jaar146 – 15211A – 12A146 – 152L65 – 7227
13 – 14 jaar158 – 16413A – 14A158 – 164XL70 – 7529
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