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The sizing of our Dryly bedwetting alarm underwear is comparable to the sizing of underwear from most other European brands. So you can keep the size that you usually have. To be sure of your size, you can look at the size chart below for our bedwetting alarm underwear.

Bedwetting alarm underwear size chart

In the table below you can see the size table of the Dryly® bedwetting alarm underwear. We have added the EU sizes here, but also the FR, UK and USA sizes.

In addition to comparing the sizes with the ages, we have also added the measurements of the Waist and the 1/2 waist. If you want to measure the waist of your current underwear, you can do this by laying your underwear flat and measuring the length above the underwear as shown in the image on the left.

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Dryly - plaswekker - ondergoed - maattabel3
Age EU FR / Ans UK USA Taille (cm) 1/2 Waist
3 – 4 98 – 104 3A – 4A 98 – 104 4 50 – 57 22
5 – 6 110 – 116 5A – 6A 110 – 116 6 55 – 60 23
7 – 8 122 – 128 7A – 8A 122 – 128 S 57 – 63 24
9 – 10 134 – 140 9A – 10A 134 – 140 M 62 – 68 26
11 – 12 146 – 152 11A – 12A 146 – 152 L 65 – 72 27
13 – 14 158 – 164 13A – 14A 158 – 164 XL 70 – 75 29
Randal Spaan
Very good service
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Super good service and after a few weeks the desired result. Really recommended.
Sandrien de vos
Functions perfectly
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Functions perfectly. Our child was completely dry within a month. Never expected, very nice surprise.
Mw. A.J.A. Wissink
Dryly is great
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Dryly is great. Our son took a long time to stay dry at night. We have now used dryly for the night for two months. And last week we went on holiday for a week without dryly and yes it is dry for the whole nights. The app is very easy and fun to operate yourself for the kids. As parents you can also be worse and clear when things went wrong.
Very satisfied!
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After 4 weeks my son (8 years) was completely dry! So special that it works so quickly and also in a fun and playful way without any stress! The first 2 weeks my son often had an accident, then suddenly a cover. Suddenly 4 days dry, 5 days dry and then basically just dry. We are also very satisfied with Dryly's service and thinking along with us.
Michèle de Koning
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Friendly customer service that lives up to its word.

Fantastic product. My son was dry at night after only 4 nights and has been potty trained ever since. I can recommend this alarm clock to everyone.
Excellent remedy for dry nights
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Never thought, but the nights are completely dry after a few weeks and the Wizu app completes the experience. Very happy with it!
De Jong
Dryly is a really great invention
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Dryly is a really great invention! I would recommend this package to anyone! It is very user-friendly and, above all, a lot of fun to work with. My son is dry within 4 weeks. It works great and we are super happy with the quick result! Big stars for team Dryly! Thank you on behalf of our family :)

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