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Best bedwetting alarm including app

Why does the Dryly® bedwetting alarm work so well?

More than 92% are potty trained in 6 to 8 weeks!

We achieve this wonderful result thanks to our interactive and child-friendly bedwetting alarm method.

Cutest bedwetting alarm for your child

A nice toy as a new best friend, cool underwear and a nice mobile app to personalize Wizzu.

Work together on the solution

Both parents and child are, by Wizzu, taken on an adventure to dry nights in a positive way.

Dryly® reviews


'' Onze zoon kon net dat extra stukje motivatie gebruiken van de knuffel en de daarbij behorende app. Het werkt super en de service van Dryly was erg goed toen er een verkeerde zender bleek te zijn meegestuurd. Wij zijn heel erg tevreden; een aanrader voor een fantasievol en gevoelig kind! ''

Wat een super aankoop dit

'' Wat een super aankoop dit. Onze dochter (8 jaar) is helemaal dol op de panda en draagt de broekjes met veel plezier. Na 5 nachten dat de wekker afging is ze nu al 4 nachten achter elkaar droog. De klantenservice is daarnaast ook top. Ze zijn goed bereikbaar, vriendelijk en de klant staat voorop. Kortom zijn wij heel blij dat we deze stap genomen hebben en raden we dryly zeker aan. ''

De plasbeer zoals mijn dochtertje hem…

'' De plasbeer zoals mijn dochtertje hem noemt helpt haar erg om nachtzindelijk te worden. Het is een leuk en vrolijk concept en het simuleerd met oa het verdienen van punten. Hiernaast merk ik ook dat ze er meer mee bezig is als voorheen om niet in bed te plassen.
Het team van Dryly is het super!!
Hebben mij erg goed op weg geholpen met het instaleren. Hiernaast antwoorden ze zeer snel op vragen en komen snel met een oplossing die ook werkt!
Kortom een zeer goed product en team!! ''

Fijn systeem

'' Snel geleverd, duidelijk systeem, werkt motiverend en goed contact met de klantenservice. Enige verbeterpunt is dat van mij duidelijker vermeld mag worden dat er geen lader bij de zender en ontvanger geleverd wordt. ''

Dryly - bedwetting alarm pack - Star - the solution against bedwetting

Dryly Bedwetting Alarm pack Star

Transmitter & Receiver
Underwear (Combi pack)
Wizzu (panda soft toy)
Dryly® mobile app

235,00 179,00

Dryly - bedwetting alarm pack - Hero - the solution against bedwetting

Dryly Bedwetting Alarm pack Hero

Transmitter & Receiver
Underwear (Combi pack)
Wizzu (panda soft toy)
Dryly® mobile app
Mattress Protector

262,00 199,00

Dryly - bedwetting alarm pack- Superhero - the solution against bedwetting

Dryly® Bedwetting Alarm pack Superhero

Transmitter & Receiver
Underwear solid color (2-pack)
Underwear Wizzu (2-pack)
Wizzu (panda soft toy)
Dryly® mobile app
Mattress Protector

303,00 219,00

Individual products

Dryly Boxershorts black 2-pack

Dryly Boxer shorts black (2-pack)

Boys underwear
2 black boxer shorts


Dryly Boxershorts wizzu black Combi-pack

Dryly Boxer shorts combi pack

Boys underwear
1 Black boxer short
1 Wizzu boxer short


Dryly Boxershorts Wizzu front

Dryly Wizzu boxershorts (2-pack)

Boys underwear
2 Wizzu boxer shorts


Dryly blue hipsters 2 pack standing side by side

Dryly blue hipsters (2-pack)

Girls underwear
2 Blue briefs


Dryly Hipster wizzu blue  Combi-pack

Dryly Hipsters combi pack

Girls underwear
1 blue brief
1 Wizzu brief


Dryly Hipster Wizzu 2-pack

Dryly Wizzu hipsters (2-pack)

Girls underwear
2 Wizzu briefs


Dryly Mattress protector

Dryly Mattress protector

The waterproof protector


Dryly knuffels - deze knuffelbeer Wizzu zendt signaal naar smartphone

Wizzu (panda soft toy)

With zipper to get access to our Dryly transmitter



Dryly Transmitter

Dryly Transmitter needs to be connected to the underwear ​



Dryly Receiver

Interactive transmitter with alarm
To be placed within Wizzu


Dryly - Charger

Dryly Charger

USB charger for our transmitter


Welcome to the Dryly webshop

Dryly® is the solution against bedwetting according to your doctor! We have a very simple goal; to help both parent and child to work on bedwetting in a positive way. Thanks to the scientifically proven bedwetting method, we make sure that 70 percent of children are dry within 3 months. A fantastic result! Order your bedwetting alarm in the Dryly® webshop and go on an adventure with us.

A key part of the method is that the user is both involved and motivated. As you may experience yourself, this is quite difficult because bedwetting causes a lot of frustration and negative emotions. We have found a solution with our Dryly® bedwetting alarm! Meet our mascot: Wizzu the Panda. Wizzu is a lovely stuffed toy, a wonderful cuddler, and is always looking for new friends to help him become dry. He even made an app where kids earn Wizzupoints to dress him up with super cute accessories. The Wizzupoints are distributed based on effort, not on result. That way, the child stays motivated even in case of setbacks! View all Dryly® products in this webshop.

The Dryly® success. Let’s go on an adventure towards dry nights together!

The Dryly bedwetting alarm is full of innovative gadgets enabling you to achieve better results with less effort. The mobile application is an important part of the system.

  • Effectiveness proven by numerous national and international studies
  • Recommended by the Nationale Huisartsen Gemeenschap [National Family Medicine Society]
  • Motivation & Acceptance
  • More insight for you and your healthcare provider
  • User-friendly through Innovation
Dryly plaswekker - How does it work - circle - panda Wizzu

Our Dryly® Bedwetting Alarm!

The Dryly® bedwetting alarm is newer, more modern and, above all, more fun than those of our competitors. The Dryly® bedwetting alarm is exclusively available in the Dryly® webshop. We are happy to tell you more about our bedwetting alarm.

Proven to be the most Effective

There have been many scientific studies on bedwetting. A Dutch study carried out in cooperation with TNO shows that a large proportion of children are struggling with bedwetting.

A study from 2005 (Glazener) shows that after 2 months, 66% of the participants stayed dry for 14 consecutive nights. Only 4% of the control group achieved the same.

Another study from 2005 (Leerdam) shows that in 3 months, 85.5% of the 241 participating children stayed dry for 28 consecutive nights.


We often hear from general practitioners and urologists that the process takes a lot longer because parents do not have enough accurate information about their child’s bedwetting behaviour. Before going to bed, Wizzu helps you complete the nighttime ritual step-by-step to increase the chances of a dry night.

In the app, all the important information (result of that night, time of day, therapy compliance) is displayed in a clear way so that you, but also your family doctor or urotherapist, can easily recognize a pattern.

Good insight prevents a lot of lost time in a medical follow-up!

Motivation & Acceptance

Bedwetting is already frustrating and annoying enough for the child. No one is looking forward to being confronted with it in an annoying way.

Dryly® offers your child intrinsic motivation to deal with the problem. Because of the positive interaction with Wizzu and earning Wizzucoin for effort, a large part of the negativity is removed from the process.

And let’s be honest, who can resist an adorable panda like Wizzu!?

Ease of use

Can you imagine waking up in the middle of the night with a child at your bedside, writing down the time on a sheet of paper you printed out? Lots of parents forget or have trouble finding a pen or the sheet of paper.

There is another way! Everything is neatly registered in the Dryly® App, this means you can focus on your child. We’ll take care of the rest. Through a self-learning algorithm, we can provide you with advice that fits your child’s pattern.

Our webshop

The Dryly® bedwetting alarm is exclusively available in the Dryly® webshop. Order the revolutionary Dryly® bedwetting alarm here!

Download the Dryly® app

The mobile application is available in the App Store and the Google Play Store. Click the buttons below to download the Dryly® app.