Dryly - bedwetting alarm pack - Star - the solution against bedwetting

Dryly Bedwetting Alarm pack Star

Transmitter & Receiver
Underwear (Combi pack)
Wizzu (panda soft toy)
Dryly® mobile app

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Dryly - bedwetting alarm pack - Hero - the solution against bedwetting

Dryly Bedwetting Alarm pack Hero

Transmitter & Receiver
Underwear (Combi pack)
Wizzu (panda soft toy)
Dryly® mobile app
Mattress Protector

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Dryly - bedwetting alarm pack- Superhero - the solution against bedwetting

Dryly® Bedwetting Alarm pack Superhero

Transmitter & Receiver
Underwear solid color (2-pack)
Underwear Wizzu (2-pack)
Wizzu (panda soft toy)
Dryly® mobile app
Mattress Protector

303,00 219,00

Which Dryly® bedwetting alarm pack suits me and my child best?

As a parent you know better than anyone that every child is unique in its needs. We have listened carefully to both parent and child and have compiled three different bedwetting alarm packs.
Pick the one that best suits your needs!

ProductenPlaswekker pakket
Plaswekker pakket
Plaswekker pakket
Super Hero
Dryly® Transmitter
Dryly® Receiver
Dryly® Pandabear (Wizzu)
Dryly® Charger
Dryly® Underwear plain (2-pack)
Dryly® Underwear Wizzu(2-pack)
Dryly® Mattress protectors
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This is included in all Dryly® Bedwetting alarm packs

We understand it is nice to have a choice. Our mission is to help children achieve dry nights with a smile, which is why every Bedwetting alarm pack contains a wonderfully soft cuddly toy that your child will have a lot of fun with!

Wizzu the panda

Who does not want to become friends with a wonderful soft bear like Wizzu!? Research has shown that positive motivation is hugely important Who does not want to become friends with a wonderful soft bear like Wizzu!? Research has shown that positive motivation is hugely important in making the bedwetting alarm method succeed.

Bedwetting can involve a lot of negativity and frustration. Wizzu makes our bedwetting alarm system unique. Parents regularly send us photos of their child and Wizzu sleeping peacefully or going out for a sleepover together. Children love to take Wizzu to the breakfast table after a dry night so that they can celebrate their success together.

There is a zipper in Wizzu’s back where the receiver can be put in. In case of a night-time accident, Wizzu makes a noise. Your child should then wake up and give Wizzu a tight hug, this will stop the alarm.

In the app, children can customise Wizzu with cool accessories. Read on to find out more!

Transmitter and receiver

Wizzu is very soft and cute, but he needs help from some ingenious technology to keep an eye on everything.

Each bedwetting alarm pack contains a small transmitter that can be attached to the underwear with snaps. As soon as the transmitter registers that the child is urinating, it sends a signal to the receiver. The receiver is hidden behind a zipper in Wizzu’s back. If the receiver gets a signal from the transmitter that the child’s briefs are getting wet, a sound makes your child wake up immediately! Wizzu also sends a message to the Dryly® app on your phone, so you can help your child visit the bathroom and get back into bed.

Numerous scientific studies have proven that bedwetting alarms are most effective to get rid of bedwetting. The child is woken up when he or she wets the bed and learns to recognise the feeling of a full bladder!

Comfortable underwear

We already pointed out that every child is different and has a different way of life. We are made aware of this again and again when we have our monthly talks with our critical young consumers. One child is more reserved and might be a little anxious, while the other is always wearing rose-tinted spectacles and believes he or she can take on the world alone!

We have thought of both children! We have developed two “worlds” for both the boys’ and girls’ briefs.

One world is made up of amazing colours and patterns that fit the fun and positive Dryly style. This makes most children very enthusiastic, to the point they even want to wear the underwear to school!

The other world features a more neutral style with solid colours. The technology in these briefs is less noticeable, which makes them suitable for situations where a child does not want to attract attention. We sometimes hear that children rather err on the safe side when going for a sleepover or inviting a friend to stay the night. Completely understandable.

We recommend having briefs in both styles at hand to ensure your child feels as confident as possible in every situation!

There are small snaps on the briefs to attach the transmitter. The underwear contains very thin threads that register wetness. The transmitter picks up the signals from the threads and immediately forwards them to Wizzu.

The Dryly® app is part of all bedwetting alarm packages

We lifted a tip of the veil before; the Dryly® app features many great functions to offer parents complete insight while intrinsically motivating the child at the same time.

For the parents

Push notifications when the child is wetting the bed. It has been proven that there is a strong connection between bedwetting and deep sleep, which is why it is extremely important that parents go to the child’s bedroom to see if they have successfully woken up. If your child does not wake up automatically after three minutes, you can go and wake your child yourself. After a few times you will notice that the child wakes up more and more quickly and easily!

Insight. In the Dryly app you can see at what times your child wets in bed. Based on this information, you may conclude that going to the toilet before bedtime requires more attention. You can also make a connection between the mood of your child and his or her bed-wetting behaviour to act accordingly and wake up your child preventively during certain nights!

Getting professional help quicker. We often speak with parents who are frustrated because their doctor waits a long time before sending their child to a specialised health-care provider. Once they finally get a referral, they have to fill out the same old-fashioned forms again. If you have already been working with the bedwetting alarm method for a few weeks, you have all the information your doctor needs to help you!

A great tool to motivate your child. Many children do not like to talk about bedwetting. A solution that takes the wants and needs of the child into account makes tackling the problem together a lot easier.

A safe environment. Our app is professionally developed and meets the standards of medical data encryption, data security and anonymity that hospitals are held to. We ask for a minimal amount of information that is necessary for the bedwetting method to succeed.

For the child

Rewards for commitment. Every night your child goes through his or her bedtime ritual, he or she earns coins that can be used to customise Wizzu. Your child can choose whether they want to save up coins for more expensive items or buy a lot of cheap items. Obviously no “real” money is involved and goals are easily attainable.

Download the Dryly® app

The mobile application is available in the App Store and the Google Play Store. Click the buttons below to download the Dryly® app.