Dryly - Panda - Wizzu - front

Wizzu (panda soft toy)

With zipper to get access to our Dryly transmitter


What makes our soft toys (Wizzu) unique?

As parents, we have learned that children love soft toys!

It has been scientifically proven that bedwetting alarms are the most effective way to tackle bedwetting. To significantly increase the chance of success, it is important that your child is motivated to use it.

Our super soft teddy bear plays an important role in our approach. In combination with our cool underwear and mobile application with reward system, we did everything to help your child deal with the tricky problem of bedwetting with a smile.

Wizzu has a zipper in his back where the receiver can be put in. If your child starts urinating at night, the transmitter sends a message to the receiver. The receiver sends a message to your mobile application, which will make a sound to wake you up. The alarm can be stopped by giving Wizzu a loving hug.

Your child can then go to the bathroom to pee, change briefs and go back to bed.

Our soft toys are fun for brothers and sisters

We often hear from parents that brothers and sisters that do not wet the bed would like to have their own Wizzu. It is of course a big compliment to us if children are “envious” of a child that uses Wizzu as an aid to get rid of bed wetting.

Although the sale of soft toys is not our main objective, Wizzu can also be ordered separately without electronics!

My child is a little old for a soft toy, do I have to use Wizzu?

No, the Dryly bedwetting alarm can also be used without Wizzu. The receiver has small feet so you can put it on your child’s nightstand.

If you go out, it might sometimes be more practical to leave Wizzu at home. In that case, you can use the system without the soft toy.

For children age 3 and above

Wizzu is approved for children age 3 and above!