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The Dryly bedwetting alarm for children ages 3 to 12!

Dryly Mattress protector

Dryly Mattress protector

The waterproof protector

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A mattress protector that meets all your requirements!

We have worn out many mattress protectors that did not survive the dryer or felt uncomfortable for our children to sleep on.  Every mattress protector we tried felt like we had to compromise on something. If it was dryer friendly, our child was not able to sleep on it comfortably. Mattress protectors our child could sleep on wonderfully were completely worn out and no longer watertight after just three drying cycles.

We have formulated a few non-negotiable requirements for the development of our mattress protector:

  • Our mattress protectors must be dryer resistant
  • The corners must be able to be pulled completely over the corners of the mattress so that the whole mattress is protected at night
  • The fabric must be sufficiently watertight to be able to fully absorb the results of any night-time accident
  • Our mattress protectors must be comfortable for the child to lie on.

After a long search, we are proud to tell you that we have succeeded in developing a mattress protector that will keep you going for a long time! With our Dryly® Bedwetting Alarm Kit Hero and our Dryly® Pee Alarm Kit Super Hero, the mattress protector is included standard.

Dryer friendly mattress protectors

If you have a child that wets the bed, it is important to have protection at hand again quickly after an accident has occurred. Our protector can be tumble-dried at 60 degrees Celsius (140 degrees Fahrenheit).

Quality is of utmost importance to us, we do not want you to have to deal with molten plastic or other problems!

Snug-fitting corners

Because the corners have a lot of fabric, you are able to pull it all the way over the tip of your mattress. In this way, the mattress protectors don’t move as fast in your sleep and you know for sure that the whole mattress is covered with waterproof fabric.


There is a special coating on the fabric of our mattress protector that is breathable, but water repellent. A very important feature, since bedwetting can cause unpleasant odours if the mattress gets wet.

Breathable and Comfortable

Our most important ambassadors are the children who use our products. A child must be able to lie in bed comfortably, unaware that the mattress is covered by a mattress protector.

We use high-quality organic cotton to make sure your child sleeps comfortably!

How does the bedwetting alarm method work?

The bedwetting alarm method is an effective way of tackling bedwetting. How does it work? Your child puts on a special Dryly® underwear that is connected via a Transmitter to our mobile app and to the Receiver that is hidden in our stuffed toy such as Wizzu (panda stuffed toy). For older children, the receiver can be used separately. Both the panda and the mobile app work as an alarm. Wizzu for your child and the mobile app for you as a parent.


This provides you with insight into when and how often your child pees per night. That way you exactly know when your child wets the bed and you can help him/her! As soon as the pants get wet, both alarms go off. This way, your child will train to wake up from a full bladder. The bedwetting alarm method is really a training method.