Dryly hardware

Dryly hardware

The Dryly sender and the receiver are responsible for a number of unique features of our bedwetting alarm! We understand that there may be all kinds of reasons that you want to be able to order Dryly hardware (a transmitter or receiver) separately. We often hear that the dog took off with it or that the transmitter accidentally ended up in the washing machine, for example.

We use the most reliable technology to offer you the best possible experience

Dryly receiver

The receiver is responsible for communication between the transmitter and your home network. If a night-time accident occurs, the receiver receives a message from the transmitter. The receiver produces a sound to wake up your child.
At the same time, the receiver uses your Wi-Fi network to send a message to the Dryly app on your mobile phone so you can get out of bed as well and offer your child the best possible support.

Charging the receiver is easy! You can charge the built-in battery by connecting it with the included micro-usb cable. You can use it again in a few hours!

Installing the receiver takes a few minutes. Just open the app and simply follow the instructions.

Dryly transmitter

The transmitter ensures that your child can go to sleep confidently. When the transmitter is attached to the underwear with the two snaps, the transmitter is able to detect wetness. As soon as this happens, the transmitter sends a message to the receiver to wake your child up.

The battery of the transmitter lasts long enough to achieve dry nights with the bedwetting alarm method. If the battery is empty, you can open the cover and replace the button-cell battery.

If you have purchased a new transmitter, you can easily couple it with your receiver. The app gives you clear instructions on how to do this.