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Does your health insurance cover the bedwetting alarm?

Dryly knuffels - deze knuffelbeer Wizzu zendt signaal naar smartphone

Wizzu (panda soft toy)

With zipper to get access to our Dryly transmitter


What makes our stuffed toy (Wizzu) unique?

As parents, we learned one thing. Kids love stuffed toys!

It has been scientifically proven that the bedwetting alarm method is the most effective way to work on bedwetting. To significantly increase the chances of success, it is important that your child is motivated to work with it.

The wonderfully soft teddy bear plays an important role in our approach. In combination with the cool underwear and a mobile application with a reward system, you can be sure that your child will tackle a tricky problem with a smile.

Wizzu has a zipper in his back to put the receiver. If your child starts peeing in bed at night, the sender sends a message to the receiver. The receiver sends a message to your mobile application to wake you up and also makes its own sound. Giving Wizzu a lovely hug stops the alarm.

Then your child can urinate, change his or her pants, and go back to bed.

Fun for brothers and sisters

We often hear from parents that brothers and sisters that do not wet the bed would like to have their own Wizzu. Of course it is a big compliment to us if children are “envious” of a child that uses Wizzu as an aid to get rid of bed wetting.

Although the sale of stuffed toys is not our main objective, Wizzu can also be ordered separately without electronics!

My child is a little old for a stuffed toy, do I have to use Wizzu?

No, the Dryly® bedwetting alarm can also be used without Wizzu. The receiver has small feet so you can put it on your child’s nightstand.

If you go out, it might sometimes be more practical to leave Wizzu at home. In that case, you can use the system without the stuffed toy.

For children age 3 and up

Wizzu is approved for children age 3 and up!

The bedwetting alarm

The range of bedwetting remedies is very small. The remedies available are medically oriented or boring. It is also true that current bedwetting alarm methods do not provide a good insight into your child’s bedwetting behavior. Our bedwetting alarm is designed to be both effective and fun to use. Our app also helps in the communication to the doctor.

With Dryly® we truly want to help the children solve the problem. Wizzu; our interactive panda, is a real friend for your child. In the mobile app we’ve developed, Wizzu also plays a big role in supporting your child.

How does the bedwetting alarm method work?

The bedwetting alarm method is an effective way to tackle bedwetting. How does it work? Your child puts on a special Dryly® underwear that is connected via a Transmitter to our mobile app and to the Receiver that is hidden in our stuffed animal such as Wizzu (a stuffed panda). For older children, the receiver can be used separately. Both the panda and the mobile app work as an alarm. Wizzu for your child and the mobile app for you as a parent. This gives you insight into when and how often your child pees per night. This way you know exactly when your child wets the bed and you can help him/her! As soon as the pants get wet, both alarms go off. This way, your child will train to wake up with a full bladder. The bedwetting alarm method is really a training method.