Dryly Boxershorts zwart 2-pack

Dryly Boxer shorts black (2-pack)

Boys underwear
2 black boxer shorts


Dryly Boxershorts wizzu zwart Combi-pack

Dryly Boxer shorts (combi pack)

Boys underwear
1 Black boxer short
1 Wizzu boxer short


Dryly Boxershorts Wizzu front

Dryly Wizzu boxershorts (2-pack)

Boys underwear
2 Wizzu boxer shorts


Dryly Hipster blauw 2-pack

Dryly blue hipsters (2-pack)

Girls underwear
2 Blue briefs


Dryly Hipster wizzu blauw Combi-pack

Dryly Hipsters (combi pack)

Girls underwear
1 blue brief
1 Wizzu brief


Dryly Hipster Wizzu 2-pack

Dryly Wizzu hipsters (2-pack)

Girls underwear
2 Wizzu briefs


Which briefs suit my child best?

Bedwetting does not discriminate: children who are relatively confident can be faced with night-time accidents just as often as children who are more introverted.

This is also a recurring topic in our conversations with parents and children who use our bedwetting alarm and underwear. After careful consideration we come to the conclusion that you can divide underwear into two categories, namely; exuberant and discreet.

That is why we have developed two collections: a collection for children that enjoy exuberant colours and cool illustrations of Wizzu the panda and a collection that is more discreet, with plain colours that stand out a little less.

Dryly Wizzu underwear

Your child will feel like a hero in this underwear! Your child will be delighted to put on the briefs that feature the main character of their night-time adventures. Together with Wizzu, your child is ready to try and stay dry tonight!

Dryly underwear

This line has been developed for children who are more comfortable with more discreet underwear in some situations. No matter how fun we make the bedwetting alarm, children can give each other a hard time with their direct questions and comments.

We often hear that children still like to put on Dryly underwear when a friend comes for a sleepover, which is very understandable!

Excellent fit

There is nothing as bothersome as uncomfortable or itchy underwear. We held countless fitting sessions with children of all shapes and sizes to design brief that fit perfectly. All important information is printed on the inside of the underwear so that your child does not have to deal with an itchy label.

Soft and breathable organic cotton

Together we make the world greener! We only use GOTS certified organic cotton. Its production has less impact on the environment and is extra soft on the skin.