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Bedwetting alarm

The best solution,
to bedwetting

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How wonderful that there is a tool…

How wonderful that there is a tool to help your child. It is not only functional, but also fun to install with your child. Thanks Dryly
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Wow, dry after 2 nights! I am extremely satisfied!
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Highly recommended

Our 7 year old daughter was potty trained within 2 months. She was highly motivated because of the bear and the app. I can recommend it to everyone.
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Frequent wet beds...

Our 6 year old son regularly slept in a wet bed. No matter what we tried, it simply did not work. With Dryly he was dry within 2 weeks. Now he even wakes up in the middle of the night to go pee. I am really happy with the result! No more diapers and wet beds!
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Delighted with this system

Delighted with this system! Our almost 7 year old daughter was hoping she would be dry at night before her 7th birthday. Thanks to Dryly she succeeded! Within 6 weeks she was completely dry and she has been sleeping without Dryly for over a month now and hasn't had a single accident yet... Our big girl is so proud and happy and we are very happy that such a great system from Dryly exists!

Who is Dryly®?

We are Dryly® and we help children and parents who suffer from problems with bedwetting. We started Dryly® with the belief that we needed to make the solution to bedwetting more fun. There are many different bedwetting alarms on the market, but most of them have a medical appearance. This means that children see them as something “negative.” With our positive approach to the problem, using the panda stuffed toy Wizzu and various game elements, your child is stimulated and more motivated to work towards a solution.

Dryly - infographic about the solution against bedwetting- How does it work - circle - panda Wizzu

The best solution to bedwetting

The bedwetting alarm is the most effective way of dealing with bedwetting. In fact, 93% of all children who use the Dryly® bedwetting alarm are potty trained at night within 6-8 weeks. That makes us very happy! At bedtime, your child puts on Dryly® bedwetting pants, which look like normal boxer shorts or hipsters and are connected to the receiver.  As soon as the pants become wet, the receiver in the panda bear Wizzu wakes up your child with a special alarm clock and you, as a parent, receive a signal on your mobile phone. By pairing our wireless bedwetting alarm with a cute panda bear (Wizzu) and various game elements, your child will be more motivated to get started. So together you go on an adventure to dry nights.

Fun and playful

Bedwetting is unpleasant enough! It has a tremendous impact on your child’s self-confidence. We believe in a positive approach. That is why we have designed our bedwetting alarm to be a fun adventure. A journey that you go on with your child. We build positive, valuable experiences every day. The colors are bright, the Dryly® app is challenging, and the interactive element means that parents know what is happening at night.

Confidence is key with our Dryly bedwetting alarm

Every parent wants his or her children to be happy. We do too! Bedwetting can make a child unhappy and insecure, we are happy to help you get rid of it!

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